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I'm Not Here to Make Friends

  • I saw this video a few days ago, and it totally cracked me up. Being the reality whore that I am, I've seen a lot of these shows, but NOT all of them. Still, it's funny as hell and with recent events, it's even more apt to the very hostile/nega situation. I still believe in making friends along the way though. I'm not going to step on people on my way up [Fourfour]

  • This is pretty cool too. A bunch of improv artists in New York, set up 'human montages' of Human Mirror's all around the city. Watch and be amazed at how synchronized these folks are! It's sort of freaky, but sort of genius too. [Improv Everywhere]

  • I can't even vote, but we all know how much I love Obama (in blue jeans). Well this sort of makes me love him (Obama) more, or dislike McCain. After all, McCain hates the "bloggers". I don't like you either. [Youtube]

  • Two Words: James Bond. The Quantum of Solace teaser came out and wow. Daniel Craig is just the most awesome Bond ever. I did NOT know what to do with myself the entire time. I was just totally spazzing out. jamypye, this one's for you. [Moviefone]

  • And finally, I wish I were Matt Harding. Sponsored by a bubblegum company that needs no additional press, Matt went around the world dancing in different locations including Tagaytay, The Philippines (check it out at 1:50!). Oh and guess what Matt's Girlfriend was doing? [Vulture]
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