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I could come up with a bazillion excuses. The network is jammed. Or you just forgot. Fell asleep? Really really extremely busy? You could give me a reason too. I'll buy it, promise.

And no, I'm not yet at the point where coming up with excuses has grown tiresome. In fact, I don't know if I prefer silence or a false excuse. I don't know anymore.

Or am I just making a really big deal out of this? Thing is, it's not like I even brought it up. You asked. I just took the bait. Apparently, that's all it was -- bait. Nothing else.

I find that planning things with you assures that it won't happen. So let's just stick to spontaneity. Keeping my expectations low, keeps chances for disappointment low too.

don't give me this feeling, i'll only believe it.

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