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My Girl's Looking for her Coffee Prince

I was eating a really good dinner (steak, mashed potatoes and veggies) tonight and despite the fabulous meal, I wasn't feeling very good. I wasn't enjoying the oh so tender steak and the super creamy mashed potates. Instead, I was worrying about all the drama I was going to have to face this week. As I stared blankly over my plate and onto the TV in the next room, (an advertisement for Dalja Spring -- which I don't watch -- was playing), I realized that I wish my life were more like a koreanovela.

In Koreanovelas, despite the many subplots going on, the main event is always the romance. Boy meets girl and they may or may not like each other in the beginning, but the 16-24 episode series will follow their getting together or breaking up and then getting back together. Why can't I star in my own koreanovela?!

  • In Princess Hours, Chae Gyung's dillema is she has to marry the prince!!! The hot prince, might I add? So what if he's arrogant and "in love" with that perfect ballerina? The lead is so obviously going to get the Prince in the end, right?

  • Oh and there's another prince-to-be in love with her! He's very pretty and very obsessed with her in a weird maniacal way, but he's got really nice hair! And they share a love for shampoo and instruments! Who will she choose? Duh.

  • Chae Gyung is not just artistic, but quirky and so loveable, so the Prince dumps little miss obsessive ballerina and falls for Chae Gyung in all her eccentric ways.

  • In Coffee Prince, Eun Chan's dillema is her hot, confused coffee boss thinks she's a boy! But all she has to do is flash him and that'll finish the story! But really, this rouge, metrosexual boss of hers loves wearing open collars that flash his collarbones and has the nicest head of hair known to mankind! And he's willing to go gay for her/him.

  • If that isn't enough, Eun Chan has another guy in love with her! Her boss's composer cousin, who's sweet, sensitive and her confidante! Sure he's hung up on his on-and-off girlfriend, but he's totally into Eun Chan too! And he knows she's really a girl!

  • Sure Eun Chan is the family's bread winner, but it all goes smoothly in the end when she becomes a world famous barista after 2 years of studying in Italy! Come on!

  • Then in My Girl, Yoo Rin is a struggling tour guide, but all changes when a handsome hotel chain owner hires her to pretend to be his long lost cousin to aid in his grandfather's dying peacefully. Of course this hotel owner is RICH, handsome and though he 'hates' her in the beginning, he totally falls for her.

  • As any standard koreanovela goes, ANOTHER guy has to be in love with Yoo Rin too and that comes in the form of the irresponsible and lothario cousin of the hotel owner. I swear, what's up with Korea and cousins?! So this other cousin really likes Yoo Rin too!!! Lucky Girl!

  • And though Yoo Rin's dad is on the run from the mob and she's NOT really the grand daughter the grandfather is looking for, her problems are really not that bad! PLus she ends up with the hotel chain owner in the end -- who during her absence, collected snow globes for every time it would snow as it reminded him of her! So sweet!

    So really?! Where are the hot cousins who are supposed to be madly in love with me?! Where's my quirky side kick who will totally put up with my shit. Where's my non-academic drama? Where's my koreanovela style kiss ending?!
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