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No To More Drama

one month down
One Month DownPhotos courtesy of Me
This week would have been great if it didn't end with academic drama. Seriously. My course is filled with so much negative energy, I'm seriously considering getting out. Unfortunately, I'm on my last year and it would be such a waste if I did so right now. Still, let it be known that I prefer my life drama free.

  • We finally get to meet in our BC 190 class and this is probably one of my favorite classes ever. I really felt like I got what Sir was trying to convey to us without a lot of bull. It was brief and the class was so participative and relaxed and we were really into the discussion. Sir totally restores my faith in education. period.

  • Our make-up class in BC 130 proved that we all needed to re-pitch our ideas for class. Everyone had really dark, killer type pitches and I was actually really intrigued by the prospect of producing them, but I guess the internet audience is in for a more happy, light program, so we have to re-pitch on Wednesday -- just a day away. I really don't like the new Monday-no-class thing in UP, because we still have class anyway. More pictures from Monday here

  • I hate how were supposed to have a quiz in Tourism on Tuesday and it got cancelled cause our professor wasn't prepared. Instead, she set a LONG exam for Thursday!!! That was a day away! And the coverage got extended. Annoying!!! I was so pissed.

  • We had to re-pitch our new ideas in BC 130 and unfortunately, ours didn't make the cut. Though it did get third place in votes, the gap between the 2nd and ours was pretty huge. It's all good though, cause that just leaves more options for our thesis. I'm pretty excited for what our class will eventually produce.

  • Apparently, your knees hurt when you do CPR. For our BC 196, we had to learn CPR and it was sort of fun. What wasn't fun was that I was in a short dress and I had to kneel on an uneven floor. My knees hurt and I felt bad for Anna cause she had to keep still as I pretended to do CPR. But oh well, at least I'm sort of knowledgeable with the process now. More desperate attempts at CPR here.

  • We had our org photoshoot of sorts for our anniversary in the afternoon. Pictures to follow, cause it's supposed to be a surprise, but I'll say that I do miss the old members that graduated. Still, the younger members are just as fun too. I'm going to just have to get used to the oldies not being around. See the most unruly/unorganized photo shoot ever!
    friday adventure
    Friday, I'm in Love with my friendsPhotos courtesy of Me
  • Friday was a long day filled with ups and downs. We didn't have class the whole day thanks to Gawad Plaridel, but it sure wasn't lacking in drama. We had to do research for our BC 130 class, so we were to conduct FGDs. Anna and I were in charge of the 'high-end' market so we headed over to Ateneo and got our friends together and we got pretty good results. I also got to see Iza so that's always a good thing.

  • Afterwards, Ana and I headed over to SM so that I could get me some new contact lenses. But instead of buying just contact lenses, Ana and I ended up going to Bayo where I bought another dress (on sale though!).
    Manggahan! Too poor for MangoPhotos courtesy of Me
  • We both tried on dresses at Mango too because they were also on sale, but alas, we're not loaded at all. Ana looked fab in her black and white dress. It was sad cause the yellow dress was really pretty! I think they were both in the Php 1500++ range and we weren't rich/crazy enough to buy them just yet. In like ten years, when we're both so rich we can buy whatever it is we want...

  • But really, what was more fun was just hanging out with Ana. We kept on laughing inside SM, I swear people were looking at us cause were just too noisy. And we were thisclose to watching "Wanted" but we were too late for the screening and the next one would be too late already. Boo!

  • The funniest/scariest thing happened too!!! As we went back to the car park, I couldn't find the car! We had practically walked the entire length of the car park and no car!!! I was about to freak out when I saw a car that looked like mine, but the head light was broken! Thank god it wasn't my car. Apparently, we were an entire floor higher. That's what happens when there aren't any numbers on the posts of the parking lot!
    not so late night out
    Fate and Pizza at Friuli'sPhotos courtesy of Me
  • Then we had dinner at Friuli's where I accidentally bump into Celeni!!! It was such a coincidence that we even met each other. I was with Claire that afternoon talking about Celeni and boom! It's Celeni and a lot of DebSoc people. Even if we didn't get to talk much, it was just so nice to see her.

  • Pizza for dinner is always good, especially when you're only two splitting the entire thing. I'm glad we ordered quatro fromagi or something like that because I love cheese and could have so finished the entire pizza, but where is the fun in that, right?

  • Finally, Ana and I ended our date with some icecream at Ministop. That 14 peso cone is soooo worth it. I'm going to gain a lot of weight if we end our Fridays like that. I'm so looking forward to our big plans together dear! More of Ana and I going crazy at SM here

    just when i've lost all faith, you keep me hanging on

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