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Work It!

As I slept last night, (instead of studying for my Tour 102 exam today), I had the weirdest dream ever. No, it doesn't involve Barrack Obama. We go local this time. I had Victor Basa or a Victor-look alike at least.

So in the dream, I'm wearing my ratty old Poveda PE t-shirt and no shorts and I'm hanging out underneath the skywalk at CMC. So weird already. What's weirder is Mrs. Borja (High school morality teacher) tells me to put on some shorts because there are boys around. Why is she in my dream? Well I guess being friends with her on Facebook assures me that I see her face all the time.

So I tell her I'll just keep still and right on cue, Victor Basa or his lookalike wearing a pink and orange shirt and sporting shorter hair comes out and steps on my toe. But ever so gently, as if he was only teasing. I look up into those dreamy eyes and that beautifully coifed hair and look like his foot had actually hurt me.
Me: Ouch *complete with puppy dog eyes*
Victor Basa: I'm sorry *totally smoldering looks and soft voice*
And we look at each other for the LONGEST time ever. Seriously. Why wasn't I melting yet? I don't know. Then I come to my senses, run into CMC to put on shorts so I could run after him and do god knows what. Only to find him gone.

GAH! Even in my dreams I fail!!! I saw him at the UP Fair and I was totally unable to speak or utter any words to beckon him to have a picture with me!!! And in my dreams, as I am half dressed, I am unable to do ANYTHING!!! Okay, so I should get back to studying for Tourism now. But really, why?!
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