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And That's How It Is

  • Lindsay Lohan is releasing a new album in November entitled, "Spirit in the Dark." She'll be collaborating with artists like Akon, StarGate and Bloodshy & Avant. And her first single, "Playground" is featuring Pharrell Williams. Listen to her 'pre-single' "Bossy" here. -- Yes, I actually listened to the entire song. I wonder if girlfriend best friend, Samantha Ronson will be spinning on the album? [LLFan.Org]

  • So what happens when Noel Gallagher talks trash about Jay-Z headlining the Glastonbury Music Festival? Well, Jay-Z shoves it in Gallagher's face by covering the Oasis staple, 'Wonderwall' at the same event. Watch Jay-Z show Gallagher who's the boss here -- Pretty cool cover; great revenge. But props to Gallagher for even having the balls to stand up to Jay-Z. This guy is hip-hop royalty. He married Beyonce!!! [Stereogum]

  • Think you've seen enough of Usher's 'Love In This Club'? Well you ain't seen nothing yet until you watch kid's restaurant, Chuck E. Cheese's house band interpret the song. That's a bunch of animal puppets lip synching to this club anthem. -- Seriously. I can't even be making this up if I tried. Head on over if you're very very very bored. [YouTube]
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