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I Can't Tell

  • So last weekend, we heard Chivas performance which sort of made me glad he actually got the "forced eviction" because that wasn't so good. Oh well, at least he had the sickness to blame it on. That means that no one gets the boot that week. Damn.

  • Now, Ross is making drama that he wants to get out of the house too. Teacher Monet is my hero. I wish he would just drag Ross out of the house. I love how he explained to Ross that his "quitting" won't save anyone this weekend cause he wasn't being forced out.

  • This leads me to wish that EVERYONE should just quit one by one. Seriously!!! That would be so much fun! Everyone quits one by one, therefore they make money out of the votes, but don't need them. Just script the quitting one by one. Yahoo!!!

  • Oh! Wait! There was that scary moment there where I thought he would actually stay in the house. We're glad he had the balls to stick to his decision though. It sucks that he's gone though, cause he wasn't one of the people who would vote a la bandwagon (those who freaking voted for Bea or didn't vote for Cris).

  • "I'm not a quitter." -- Ross. Oh honey, you are.

  • Why did I predict that cameras would follow MIguel to his lolo's wake?! How did I even predict that? I swear, when they first said that his lolo died, I told Pamy, "dude, they're so going to the wake!" and they did!!!

  • Pamy and I were thoroughly amused how Bea was tasked to "pack" some clothes for Miguel -- which he ended up wearing. So the bag wasn't really needed. Oh well, she needed more screen time I guess.

  • Thank god for screen time for Sen. I mean, wow, go and console Ross for longer. You need to be on screen more. You're so cute!

  • Speaking of last week's gala night. I thought the scholars who won star scholar of the night were pretty damn deserving. Everyone else did pretty much suck. Liezl is going to win this thing. Bugoy was sooooo fabulous and Laarni was also good, but still doesn't make me like her.

  • Gerard Salonga FTW! This man is a judge judge. He really judges. NO sugarcoating. I wish he could totally lambast Bea one day. And is it weird that I find Louie Ocampo sort of cute? Oh wow, there is a drought of crushes.

  • Bea shouldn't have been saved by the mentors. Seriously. Kick this girl out! Like now!!!! I love how SHE was the one who cried about Miguel's lolo. That's so typical of her. "He's fine. I can't tell (why he left)." -- Bea. Whatevs girl, you ain't the lead here.

  • And why did Jet get the most votes (of hate)!?! I mean seriously. Cris should have soooooo gone to the bottom two. Why are people so enamored by her?!?! Don't be afraid of this bitch! Don't come together over her

  • Pamy and I switched channels in the end to the Other singing show and dude, I can't take it. I just can't.
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