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Take You To Another Place, Another Time, Another Date

crazy crazy week
Crazy 3rd WeekPhotos courtesy of Me and Iza Encarnacion
I can't even remember half of what happened this week, but I'll try my best to recall. It was long and fun and tiring and disappointing at times. I can't believe June is almost over. We're officially halfway through the year. I can't believe it. Time flies by so freaking fast.

  • Because of the storm last Sunday, classes were suspended Monday and that meant NO BC 190 (boo!) but we wouldn't be having make up class for BC 130 either. It was funny though how Monday was so sunny.
    happy happy marian
    Now that's a happy MarianPhotos courtesy of Me
  • I only have one class on Tuesdays, but because I was going out with my high school friends that afternoon, I was going to have to burn time. So I hung out at the CMC lobby and took lots of pictures of Marian and company. Marian is super photogenic and I love taking pictures of her (albeit very unprofessional) because she loves having her photo taken.

  • It was so nice to see Marian so happy especially since that day was her ex-boyfriend's birthday. Lucky for her, she had a good support system in the form of a surprise visit from her friend Ian. Seriously, to say I wasn't jealous would be a lie. Still, I'm really happy for Marian. I love to see her smile. When will anyone he ever come to CMC to surprise me?
    heaven and eggs
    Celebrating in Heaven and EggsPhotos courtesy of Me and Iza Encarnacion
  • For Lee's "surprise birthday" at Eastwood, we had lunch-snack-dinner at Heaven and Eggs. And boy was it satisfying. I had the minute steak platter (which had the steak, scrambled eggs, pancakes, and mashed potatoes) and it was a challenge finishing it. Lee had the same thing, Iza had some small dish but still couldn't finish it and Hannah had some fried thing that she didn't finish either. Still, after an hour or so, and with a really bad feeling in my tummy, I conquered the beast!

  • We made yet another pact to meet more than once a year. It's funny cause we study in schools near each other so it's not like it would be too hard to fix a time and date, but thanks to school obligations, things just never seem to fall into place. Here's to hoping we see each other more often.
    wednesday waiting
    Waiting and Waiting on WednesdayPhotos courtesy of Me
  • Wednesdays I also have just ONE class, but because of org duties, I had to wait till 4pm for our meeting. I hate waiting in school, especially since I live so near and know I can be home sleeping instead. But because gas is so expensive, I'd feel guilty if I drove home for a few hours. I hate gas!!!

  • Lee and I were supposed to go jogging while I waited, but because of her org duties, that didn't materialize. Instead, I hung out with Marian, Ruth, Sam and Kai at the Batibot while they painted some stuff with the freshmen.

  • Finally, my org meeting arrived and lasted forever! I love hanging out with these people, but I was so tired that when we finally finished at 7pm, I just wanted to crawl into a cave and hibernate. I hope our meeting don't last as long anymore. I only have one subject that day. I wanna go home!

  • We watched Pay It Forward for BC 196 and though I'm not a fan of inspirational movies, I really enjoyed this one. I got so inspired to pay it forward . At first we were laughing at the movie because of Helen Hunt's hair and how kilig it was with Kevin Spacey. And then Haley Joel Osment dies!!! What a downer!!!

  • I didn't bring the camera to school on Thursday and when I got home, for a second there I thought I actually lost the camera. I didn't remember whether I put it in my bag or not, so I had a feeling it got stolen when I left my bag unattended at AIT. My dad comes home and I tell him I think I lost the camera and he was really calm and not angry about it, which made me feel more guilty. Then I find out that Pietro had brought the damn thing to school! Whew. I really thought I had lost it.
    friday night lights
    First TimesPhotos courtesy of Me
  • Friday, I slept over at Anna's house cause we were going to do some BC 199 thesis loving. And for that, we tried to watch a really cool web series called Prom Queen! Unfortunately because we're NOT from the US, we couldn't view it!!! Haller?! Totally beats the purpose of it being a free webisode. It was such a piss off. So if ANYONE on my flist has a copy of this, could you upload it and I will love you forever?!?

  • Instead, we ended up watching the Prom Queen: Summer Heat which was the spin off summer series. It was pretty good too, but we still wanna catch the original one! This made us even more excited to produce our thesis. We've got a long way to go, but hey, doesn't hurt to be excited, right?

  • Anna and I also ended up going to Prince of Jaipur for the launch of Dice and K9/Mobbstarr's new album Time, Space, Rhythm, Starrs. First off, I've never been into the "club scene" so it was a first for me to get all dolled up and go to a club. Second, I was in a dress, and I felt very overdressed, but eventually when the crowds came, I had a sense of de-individuation and felt so much better.

  • The crowds at the launch were obviously very hip-hop which Anna and I are not. It was fun to observe this subculture that's not quite popular in society. We listened to a bunch of hip-hop artists and we have to admit they were pretty good! It was a fun experience, despite feeling very very out of place.

  • Why were even there to begin with? Well their single, "Eargasmic" is so freaking amazing that we wanted to use it in a scene in our production. And for that, we have to ask permission. Unfortunately for us, our connection to the band was running late and we were getting sleepy/tired so we ended up in 7-11 while waiting if anything else was going to happen.

    I wonder if you're just very very mellow or uninterested. Care to make the distinction so I can stop waiting?

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