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Life's a (Tennis) Ball

Sharapova looking sharp in her suitPhotos courtesy of Daily Mail
Just because I own a racket and had a few lessons, doesn't mean I can say I "play tennis." Still, this lack of athletic ability doesn't stop me from being a fan of the sport. And now that Wimbledon season is back in full swing (no pun intended), I can't help but gush over how good everyone plays and how cute they all look!

Maria Sharapova looks amazing in this custom made Nike outfit -- a sheer tuxedo front top! Great tactic! Distract your opponent with your fabulous style! If only for the outfits, I'd love to play tennis again!!! Lee! Let's dust off our rackets!

But really, I loved Sharapova's outfit. The tuxedo shirt is sooo pretty and because it's sleeveless, it's not hard to move around in. Then the fact that it's sheer makes it so sexy without being vulgar. And her shorts are so pretty. I love the waist detail. And they're not grossly short (although I'm sure she could so pull it off).

I swear, this girl is sooooo lucky. And she can play really well!!! How unfair! Oh and did I mention she was MY AGE?!? Why am I not born gifted with this kind of talent?!
Federer and Williams dressed to the ninesPhotos courtesy of Daily Mail
  • Roger Federer wasn't going to be left behind either. He entered the court wearing this fabulous grandpa sweater or the fashionista term being a 1920's-style cream cardigan. And check out that bag! What happened to the ugly bulky tennis racket bags. This is just so fab of him.
    Federer said: 'I thought, let's move on to something a little bit different. We thought about something nice like a cardigan, a jumper. I think the result is nice. It's a little easier to wear than the jacket to be honest.'
  • I'm not a fan of the Williams sisters, especially Serena, but I liked her trench coat. So a little impractical to wear on the court, but really pretty! I swear these people are using the court as a catwalk. And why not! They're the only ones on the damn thing, might as well be nice to look at.

    So really, I think I'm going to go give tennis another shot. Let's just find time for it and a cheap court to rent. I'm so in. It's not like I have any exercise right now. So yeah, I might as well.
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