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That's a Pinoy Dream Academy Lover's Quarrel for you!

While I haven't been able to catch PDA this week (I'm still getting used to the format of no one getting kicked out and all), it seems like I went downstairs at the right time. Right when I walk into the living room, I spot a Lovers Quarrel between "The Romantic Crooner" and "The Sweet Chanteuse" (aka Miguel and Bea) on the television.

Imagine the scene. Bea is crying very tastefully (one tear down the cheek) as she leans on the wall near the bed. Inaki is literally the middleman, trying to mediate things between the young lovers and Miguel is stoic, laying down on his bed.
BEA: I'm only in this house because of you. Not because I want to sing! You know I gave up singing long ago. I'm so sorry (bawls and lays on the bed to hug Miguel)
MIGUEL: (crying, but not getting up from the bed) I'm sorry. I'm thankful you're here in the house.
NO WONDER!!! At least even Bea knows she's only in the house because of Miguel. And I am no longer confused as to her performance last Saturday. Apparently, she gave up on singing a looooooooooong time ago.

And now that I read back on it, I'm not even aware of what the hell they fought about, but it surely makes for annoying-but-can't-help-and-watch-it television. Something tells me they're going to break up, switch teams, then get back together. Or get pregnant! And not by Miguel. But maybe ABS isn't ready for that kind of drama yet. And here are random thoughts.

  • I really am not feeling Laarni. I don't see her much, but she annoys me. I don't know if she's a good singer, but apparently, I'm not in this for the singing. Or maybe that's cause I missed performance night.

  • According to Pamy though, Miguel was pretty darn good on his first performance. Good for him! At least Philippine Idol gave him some sort of training. I'm looking forward to seeing him perform again. Hopefully he doesn't just have ONE good performance.

  • Again, I'm wishing for more Sen. Seriously, this guy's mug should be plastered all over the house. He's waaaay too pretty.

  • Is it just me or is Cris really really really annoying? And NOT annoying like the rest of the cast, but unbearably rawr annoying? Someone kick her out please?

  • Wow, Jet has TWO Kids already?!? Seriously, this guy is too hot. They should have packaged him as single. Or not. But yeah, this guy's getting more macho.

  • And in a rare comparison between Pinoy Idol and PDA, are Ross (from PDA) and Toffer (From Idol) the same person? Okay, so upon closer inspection they DONT really look alike, but at first glance I swear I thought they were one person! I need to change my eyeglasses, I know.

    NOTE: If you notice, I don't really update regularly about this, and only do when I catch something crazy. Also mostly because I do this just to drive home the fact that I abhor Pinoy Idol and will resort to supporting it's competitor. I'm petty like that.
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