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Everything's Just Wonderful*

2nd Week In
Two Weeks InPhotos courtesy of Me
No, I won't keep on counting how many weeks I've had in senior year,although why not,right? I have less than 365 days left of school, I might as well document it.

Last week was fun in a "catch up with friends" sort of way. Sure, I see my classmates almost every day, but last week I felt like I was actually talking to them for the first time in a long time

  • UP turned 100 last Wednesday and instead of staying in school for the festivities, Sophie, Anna and I ditch the chaos that was UP and head to Trinoma to cool off. I love hanging out with these two because it's always so relaxed with them. We tried on clothes in Plains and Prints. Though only Anna ended up buying things, it was still fun to catch up with them.

  • I had to go to Poveda to interview our guidance counselor and it was again nice to return to Poveda.I didn't drive, because I would have to park so I took the MRT and was able to save on gas. I saw a bunch of teachers like Mrs. Lozada. For some reason, I feel really safe when I enter Poveda. It must be the familiarity of the place. Yes, I was raring to get out before, but I sort of miss it now. Sort of.

  • I then go back to UP to interview Isis and it was nice seeing her after all these years. We study in the SAME school and I hadn't seen her since forever. It's good to know things are working out for her academically and otherwise. It was just so nice to see "old" faces.

  • Thursday we had our first 196 meeting with lunch from Kenny Rogers. Seriously, I have to love this class if only for the free food. But our lecturer was pretty good too. He talked about planning and who knew there were so many steps in planning. It was confusing in the start but in the end I only took in what I thought would be useful, cause what's the point in confusing myself, right?

  • Friday was my favorite day for a lot of reasons. First, our thesis proposal was approved by our 199 professor.Then we got an early dismissal for Comm 110. This meant I was able to hang out at Ana's house with her.I'm hoping this becomes a ritual. And next time, I promise to bring food.

  • Then Lee and I had dinner at Omakase. This was uber fun because I barely ever see this girl despite us being in the same damn university. We hung out at her house afterwards while I waited for Pamy to inform me of my next 'date' for the night.

  • Then I watched Made of Honor with Pamy and her officemates (Des, Jody and Jeff) and though the movie wasn't as great, the company was fabulous. We got home really early in the morning, only to find a bunchof DebSoc folk/friends in the house in front of ours. I;m not one to associate with neighbors so it was funny to see friends in my neighbor's house.

  • I ended my week with a visit to my grandma's house. I love that house. Though it gets stuffy there, the memories of fun-filled summers always remains there.Too bad I missed seeing my niece Julia though! I got a free dinner though at Fish & Co. with my uncle, mom and lola at Trinoma. Perks of being the sipsip grandchild.

    All in all, it was a pretty fab week. The weather was good in spite of all the raining. It's a good thing I don't have to keep switching buildings, so I keep dry a lot of the time. The work is starting to pour in already, but I'm going to try and keep a positive outlook this semester. I might as well, if it's what keeps me from going crazy. Why not? Here's to an even better week.

    *Contrary to popular belief, I'm not being sarcastic.

    I'll settle for the little sister role if that's what it takes to be near you

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