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More Patrick, Less Talk

Dempsey and Monaghan being prettyPhotos courtesy of All Movie Photos
I am the worst movie critic ever. That's because I usually NEVER find anything wrong with movies in general. I enjoy practically anything you let me watch. But I guess this movie caught me at the wrong time. I was tired and sleepy and not really in the mood to watch a movie. But because a) it was free (Pamy needed a driver) and b) it had Patrick Dempsey, I figured Made of Honor couldn't be so bad.

I guess I gave it too much credit. Fine, I'll start off with the good parts. I thought the acting was pretty good. They were happy and light and easy on the eyes. They were romantic and comedic and just really pretty. And it was funny in parts that had Tom's (Dempsey) friends in it. In fact, all the supporting characters brought really funny lines to the table, albeit it being a little forced sometimes.

I'm no screenplay writer and I know that the task is difficult, but I thought the movie was poorly written. My writing teacher would tell us to "show, don't tell" and I think that was this movie's BIGGEST problem. They kept telling without any showing. After a montage of scenes showcasing just how much Tom missed Hannah (Monaghan) while she was in Scotland (where there is apparently NO SIGNAL), they show Tom playing basketball and mid-dribble, he stops and says, "I think I like Hannah" or something like that. HALLER?!?! Of course you like Hannah and we've seen it. No need to tell us.

It also took me a while to figure out the significance of the dog confessional near the end of the movie. And Des enlightened us after the movie. But the point there was, we didn't have to be enlightened about it, as it should have been more obvious. It's funny because at some points, things were so obvious you wouldn't have to explain it and on other parts wherein it should have been more obvious, I didn't quite understand.

And that ending? I thought they would just end at the wedding, but no they had to show more. And while I would appreciate it (for say a Koreanovela that leaves everything open ended), it just felt soooooo wrong on so many levels. And why was "Stolen" by Dashboard Confessional playing as that scene faded out? I'm just so concerned about the wrong-ness of everything.
Tom prepping for the wedding showerPhotos courtesy of All Movie Photos
Still, the movie wasn't ALL terrible. I thought the supporting cast brought a lot of laughs (which was needed due to the imbalance in romantic cheesiness). Sydney Pollack as Tom's dad was particularly effective. Although it felt very Rico-Yan-in-Got-2-Believe for me, as I just kept thinking, 'he's dead!' Busy Philipps as Melissa was super bitchy, which is a good thing as I think her character was meant to be unlikeable. I wish they had utilized Kevin Sussman though, because all he was, was the annoying guy who wanted to get into Tom's basketball team. I found that he had no real purpose.

The "antagonist" in the form of Rome's Kevin McKidd was particularly funny as Hannah's Scottish perfect lover. Anything that had to do with him was either over the top (from the Highland games, to his song number for her at dinner) or just plain crazy (his grandma wanting them to name their child something that sounded like asshole) and though I wish they had made him more than two dimensional, I'm not going to complain any more.

So there was much to be desired from this movie (I'm not even going to go into what the hell the title means), but thank god for Patrick Dempsey's silky ebony waves of hair because he totally saved the movie for me. It's sad how I wasn't able to fully enjoy how beautiful Patrick Dempsey was (as there was a lot of beauty shots to go around), because of how awful some lines were. I found myself tuning out (we can blame it partly on exhaustion, I guess). I'll try watching this movie again when I'm better rested and I'll see if my opinion changes a bit.
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