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I Wish...

  • I had enough talent to join Pinoy Dream Academy. Who knew I would be watching this show and totally abhorring Philippine Pinoy Idol!

  • Miguel (from PI) stops hanging around his girlfriend! Okay, so I may not be the bastion of objectiveness, but I feel like she's only there to give him a love team angle. Don't forget that "one rotten egg will rot the rest!"

  • Sen, the cutie, would have more of a major role. I feel like he doesn't have enough screen time/story line. This guy needs more exposure.

  • Inaki wouldn't be so problematic over this and that. I know this is built on drama, but dude, let's enjoy this thing. Don't stress my dear.

  • I knew who the hell Van is!?! I feel like I never see him.

  • I could land on the Forbes Celebrity 100 list at least once in my life. I might as well 'dream big' right? I mean, I don't need to topple Oprah off the top of the list, but I so wouldn't mind being there... even in the low 90s.

  • I had Tiger Woods concentration. This guy won his 14th Master by a small margin, but he did nevertheless. Despite being challenged by Rocco Mediate, he kept his cool and gave some fabulous swings and putts. I need Tiger's concentration especially now when things are so messed up. Tiger, give me some of your mojo!

  • Miley Cyrus would STOP taking pictures with her camera. Or at least stop posting them online ready to be leaked to the crazy public, dying to stain her image. I wish I could take pictures of myself canoodling with cuties too, but that's not happening. So just take care, Miley, okay? Let's not go Britney here.

  • it would only rain when I'm walking under an umbrella with Chace Crawford. To say I miss Gossip Girl like crazy would be an understatement. I don't know how I'm going to survive the show's hiatus. It was my weekly happy thought. Thus, I must content myself with sightings of the cast instead.

  • I could ride on the back of Obama's bike. And he's in jeans too!!! I so don't think his fashion choice was that terrible? It's normal, that's for sure. You can't exactly wear a suit and bike. At least he was wearing a helmet. Way to go, Barack! He may not be a fashion model, but he's a role model fo' sho.

    I wish you and I could really be friends and not just when it's convenient for you.
    I wish I didn't overanalyze everything and just enjoy things as they are.
    I wish I had the pride to not wait in vain for 7 plus hours.
    I wish this doesn't just happen on weekends.
    I wish you'd take me seriously.
    I wish I were older.
    I wish.

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