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The End's Not Near

first senior week
First Days of Senior YearPhotos courtesy of Me
Flash forward to 30 units later, I'll be graduating. Yes, I can't believe it either, but I've entered my last year of college. Feels like yesterday that I was a wide-eyed freshman. But not to get ahead of myself, I still do have 30 units to tackle and this semester, I took on 18 units.

Compared to last semesters 21 units of craziness, I'm hoping this sem's 18 won't be so bad. Still, despite the reprieve on academic stress, there's always room for problems. Damn. When will I ever be academic drama-free?
BC 190: Broadcast Management
My first subject of the week was the last one we met. Upon first meeting, my professor is just fabulous. I was totally losing faith in lawyers, until our teacher came along. This may just be an elective, but I feel like I'm really going to enjoy it. Our professor has the experience to back up what he's teaching us and I'm excited to hear all about life inside the networks. Plus, it doesn't hurt that we meet at 9 instead of the usual 8.30.

Tourism 102: World Tourism
My last non-CMC elective and I spend it at the Asian Institute of Tourism! I've never been there and I had no idea what the hell my subject was, but as it turns out, it's a pretty cool subject. Other than learn about other country's tourism and all that jazz, we have a field trip too!!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this plan goes through because I so don't mind boarding a plane by the end of the semester.

BC 130: Program Planning and Building
I have been waiting to have this subject since I stepped into the BC life. This is the subject wherein we make a pilot episode (and in our case episodes 2-6 too) for our pretend show. We're 27 in class (a HUGE class) so I'm really excited about what the hell we're going to produce. This is going to be one stressful class, but I'm sure it'll be tons of fun.

BC 196: Special Topics in Broadcasting
This is another kick ass professor who in hopes of us not sleeping through class, has provided us with an allowance for lunch every single week. But other than the gastronomic gratification, we also get modules on self-defense, trips to the crime lab, swimming in some far flung resort and all that shiz. Seriously. I'm so glad I got into this class. Hello exciting Thursdays!

BC 199: Research in Broadcasting
So this is serious. It's pre-thesis. Meaning, we actually need to really really work. Anna and I are still clueless (sort of) as to what the hell our thesis is going to be about and we need our topic by Friday. Hello cramming the brainstorming. I promise to think about this seriously. I will concentrate.

Communication 191: Mass Media Ethics
And the class that I worked my hardest to get into (going back to the Comm Res department 13 times to check if someone had cancelled and on the 14th try, someone did!). It doesn't mean the class is easy, I just really had to had to get into this class (as it would be the third time, I would be under my professor, who I work well with). The non-exam bit works for me too.
I need everyone praying for me now. 18 units may seem like nothing, but a lot can happen to make things go crazy. So cross your fingers that I get through this semester alive and kicking. I can do this. Right?

I need you to be less busy so you can be my happy thought.

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