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Such Great Heights

I read this interesting "debate" of sorts on whether the guy's height mattered in a relationship. My first reaction was, of course it shouldn't! Why should height factor in?

Then I realized that all my crushes were taller than me (as in feet taller! I had never liked someone shorter than me). Then again, I'm a short person (5"1'), so smaller boys are quite rare.

Still, it got me thinking, why am I even attracted to waaaay taller boys. The article sort of answered my question.
A woman wants to look up to a man, both literally and figuratively... I don't know if it's feeling a taller man can better protect us... When it comes to love, physical attraction may spark a relationship but it rarely sustains one. [Yahoo! Personals]
I guess I do want to "feel" safe and maybe height can aid in that? Will their tallness scare off potential robbers, rapists or murderers? Or do I just like feeling dwarfed by their sheer tall-ness.

Okay, so there's that superficial reason of looking good in pictures. I like how I look more "feminine" when I'm standing small next to tall crush. But this could also backfire if the dude is waaay too tall, and you look like a midget next to him.

The protection part, I sort of understand. I guess height can be imposing and thus equal safety for some people. But does this mean that short guys can't be great at kung-fu or the martial arts and can protect you equally despite the lack in height?

But hey, look at Tom-Kat. She's practically a head taller than him (in heels) and they seem to be fine. Their kid, Suri is so adorable, but I digress.

Okay, so maybe not the best example, but I guess he is already Tom Cruise and a few inches don't really matter. In the end, I guess height does matter to me initially, but it doesn't mean "vertically-mediocre" boys shouldn't try. Tom Cruise is the idol here. He didn't just get Katie, he had Nicole Kidman before that too. Ponder that.

FOOT NOTE: I don't usually read Yahoo! Personals. It just happened to be the featured article of some day this week. Promise.
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