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How Much Longer?

DISCLAIMER: I can't even be making this up. This is apparently, legitimate gossip.

Apparently, Kate Beckinsale's 9-year old daughter, Lily is (how do I put this) allowed to date David and Victoria Beckham's 9-year old son, Brooklyn.
"She (Lily) and the Beckham boys get on really well," Beckinsale told Britain's Daily Mirror. "If she did have to have a boyfriend, then I suppose Brooklyn would get my seal of approval!" [NY Daily News]
Wait, what?!? Don't these kids ages sum up to a barely legal 18 years old!? And since when did 9-year olds even hook up? I was playing with Barbies when I was 9. Or at least some sort of toy.

While I am THREE years older than their combined ages and am still not dating -- anyone!!! Why world? Why? I just fail at this.
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