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Forever in Blue Jeans

What does it mean exactly when I dream of non-speaking Barack Obama in blue jeans the night before my first day of class? Seriously! I'm not even making this up.

In my dream, Barack is going down the stairs with me (in our house) and he's in blue jeans and a sweater. I call him out on this telling him:
Patty: Barack! You're in denim!
Barack: flashes that toothy grin
Patty: I've NEVER seen you in jeans. EVER.
Barack: still grinning
Now this dream would be more perfect if his jeans were a little bit tighter, but I'm not going to complain. There are worse things to dream about on the night before your first day of senior year.

Oh and you can't see it, but he's totally wearing blue jeans in that shot. It just got cropped out. But really, when I'm less in a hurry, I'm going to search for a photo of Barack in jeans. I'm sure they're not THAT hard to find. Here's to our first day of college

EDIT: because my flist is freaking fabulous... 24fps found a picture of Barack in jeans! but wait! hey_vicious unearthed a VIDEO of Barack strutting his stuff (READ: modeling) *swoons* Thanks guys!!!
Tags: college senior, dreams and goals, politics
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