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So Long (Not-So) Sweet Summer

summer loving at max
Best Part of the SummerPhotos courtesy of Anna Canlas
My summers were never full of outrageous adventures. I was never one to go the beach with friends or go on a Euro trip. No, my vacation were limited to lazing around at home watching TV, surfing the web and sleeping in. Yes, the life of a sloth.

This summer -- my last summer ever (next April, I graduate and that means welcome to the workforce) -- I spent NOT doing nothing. In fact, I found myself doing SOMETHING every single freaking day.
  • That Figaro Phase
    Yes, hard to believe that well into my summer, I was still worrying about BC 111's podcasts. Yes it was hard hard work for more than a semester, but the sort of end was worth it. That was until all that drama came up. Seriously. I'm not yet over this. I want to be over this subject, but it seems to haunt me.

  • That DZUP Drama
    I never did get to write about my one hundred hours of DZUP (also known as the school's radio station that only airs within the school. Anna and I hosted two shows (Carinderequest and Sari-Sari -- both music centric shows). I have to say I enjoyed this one a lot, but that wasn't all for DZUP. We had to record 13 episodes of a travelogue too!!! I wasn't too familiar with how to make an audio documentary, because my group had to make a song for BC 111, but it ended up sort of okay I guess. In fact, we're still doing some work for DZUP's re-launch this June. Why are my subjects still following me?!?

  • That PI 100
    Getting this subject is NO joke. Anna and I lined up for 6 freaking hours at the sweltering hot Faculty Center. Thank goodness we ended up getting in. That was only the beginning of never ending quizzes, reports and the long ass field trip. Still, I'm glad I took it this summer, because I can't imagine having to deal with this during the school year, not with all that I have to do this semester. And hey, I'm pretty happy with the results too.

  • That ASEAN Conference
    Only this conference could take me away from the internet for 5 days straight. After literally months of preparation and frustration, it finally ended. I can't explain just how many tears I shed over this one (for a lot of reasons), and I'm still hoping it was all really worth it. One day, I'm going to look at this in hindsight and thank whoever for the experience. But right now, I'm just happy it's over. Or so I'd like to think.
anna and me at max
Clearly NOT doing our workPhotos taken using the trusty webcam
  • That Max FM Internship
    But really the highlight of my ENTIRE freaking summer was the 50+ hours I spent as an intern at 103.5 Max FM. I didn't write about this much either, but that was because I was too busy enjoying it. Or so I'd like to believe. First off, I'd always been fascinated by radio (I used to listen cult-ish-ly to the radio till I got sick of it). But with this internship, it's like I've been reborn into radio again. I guess because now it's more personal.

    Second, our job as interns wasn't exactly the typical. We were tasked to interview all the DJs and make write ups for all of them and all their shows. Intimidating, believe me. These people talk for a living and we had to interview them. But after the first few interviews, Anna and I felt more like pros already afterwards. I have to admit, I was pretty freaking starstruck. But it eventually faded because they were all soooooo sooooo incredibly nice and sweet to us.

    Third, did I mention how nice they were?!?! I didn't feel like I was interning at all. Ma'am Arlene, our boss, was just sooooo nurturing and was even too shy to ask us to do real intern work (like buy food for the station manager) because she didn't think she was supposed to ask us to do stuff like that. The entire staff was also soooo loveable. From the guards, to the technicians, to the accountants, to the marketing people, to Kuya Rolly (our hands down favorite), and the DJs of course, everyone was so warm.

    Sure, we had to write around 25 articles, but it was so worth it. I was seriously at my happiest when we'd enter the Jollibee Plaza building. That office on the 15th floor felt like home. It sucks that we were only required to spend 50 hours there when we would have loved to spend more.
So yes, the summer was jampacked, with mostly work-related shiz and drama, but I guess there wasn't really any more for regretting things I wish I could do, because it wasn't like there was any time left to do anything else. I wish I could have seen friends more (I only saw my high school friends once and my other college friends barely) but hey there's next summer for that. Or wait, what summer?
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