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May: With You (Chris Brown)

So Randy thought it was weird of David Archuleta to sing this song. I happen to disagree. In fact, I loved how David sang it, that I became obsessed with this song. Okay, so I like Chris Brown's version better, but that doesn't meant I repulsed Archie's take on it. In fact, he made me love the song all the more. Of course it wouldn't hurt if Chris Brown was thinking of me when he made this, but we all know he's only thinking of Rihanna. Why do they all have to be taken!?

Then I watched the video and fell in love even more. Damn this kid (yes he's only 19) can dance! I've always asked my sister to choose whether she'd want a dancer or a singer and she always chooses singer. Well I choose dancer. This is why I choose dancer. He makes walking look cool!!!

Cause if I got you, I don't need money, I don't need cars. You're my heart.

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