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Girl Crush: Blair & Serena

Good morning Upper East Siders. Don't you just love to love Blair Waldorf and Serena Van Der Woodsen? Sure they're fictional characters, but that gives me all the more reason to want them. I've obsessed over the show for quite some time now, it was given that I wanted to be them.

They've got the looks, the money, the clothes, the boys. They've got it all. If I could switch with either of them for even just an hour, I would be eternally grateful. Oh why wasn't I born in the Upper East Side?

1. They get the hottest guys
Blair hooked up not only with Nate but Chuck too. Serena got both Nate and Dan and whoever else she could dream up. Seriously, how lucky can these girls get?! And did I mention they were only in high school? Come on and share the hot boys my friends. There's plenty to go around.

2. They're loaded
They get debutante balls and private jets and designer clothes (but more on that later) and they study in New York! What don't these girls have!? I love how decadent and extreme their lifestyle is on this show. If you thought Marissa (on The OC) was rich, these girls are just filthy rich. I don't think I've ever seen them worry about money or anything at all (but more on that later too). If you compute how much every outfit Serena and Blair wore on one episode, I'm sure it would be waaaaay more than my tuition fee. Lucky!!!

3. They have great taste
They look impeccable all the freaking time. Whether Blair is going to sleep or even in her dreams, there's never a hair out of place. And even when Serena's looking very boho (chic), she still looks fabulous. Even in their swimsuits they look amazing. I wish I could catalog every single outfit these girls wore, but it would take time and time and more time. I just wish I had a bit of their wardrobe.

4. They never get in trouble
So Serena killed someone -- oh whoops, she didn't really. Oh and Blair thinks she's pregnant -- oh whoops, she isn't! Serena missed the SATs? Nah she didn't! She can take it some other time. Blair got dethroned? Not for long! These girls have absolutely NOTHING to worry about!!! Probably what day to schedule their manicure, but that 's what Dorota is for!!! Oh how I wish these were my problems.

5. They're always partying!
In every single episode, there's got to be a party going down somewhere and one of the girls is going to be in it. School nights are spent partying, weekends are for more parties. Parties = pretty dresses. But wait, Blair is an honor student!!! How well rounded! I don't think I've been to this many parties in my ENTIRE life. Or maybe it's just me. Still, how lucky.
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