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Nothing at all

I am such a horrible student. Yesterday, after updating, instead of studying for my first Economics session test, I go to sleep. Wonderful. I am such a little lazy girl. I don't know how I'm ever going to get anything done this year if all I ever do is sleep!

I got it from my dad, I guess. He loves sleeping. His genes are pretty freaking strong because it rubbed of on everyone. There are times when no one's even awake to eat dinner. I'm so in ♥♥♥ with my bed. I could lay down and sleep all day literally. That's been proven. What really sucks is there's no college course that's BA Sleeping. I'd totally sign up for that one.
I'd make sure I got into that course. For sure, I'd graduate with honors.

When I finally woke up, I ended up chatting with PB and Pamy. What's wrong with me? I have no sense of diligence anymore. Grrr... But the thing is, I like talking to my siblings. They were seated at the foot of my bed, scanning through my CDs and were reading out of magazines I had lying around and to be honest, I had so much more fun. I know I'm supposed to be studying, but I just didn't feel the urge.

Around one o' clock, I finally realized that if I didn't start moving, I wouldn't even pass the test. Of course, sleepiness takes over once more and I can't help but give in. Bad bad girl.

Thank you, ms. guti for being a nice teacher. Her test wasn't as bad as I anticipated. It was application and it was very relevant. I think Econ is actually one of my favorite subjects now. I'm learning and I'm not bored out of my rocker. And that's saying a lot because I get bored every other minute.

I have to get recommendations from my teachers now. ADMU or rather The Ateneo de Manila University requires two recommendation letters. Beautiful. I have no problem with this, but see, I have to make a list of my achievements/extra-curricular activities and I suddenly realize that I don't have any. Asides from my club, which is required by the school, I have no socially relevant organization so I can say I'm a charitable and civic minded person; no varsity to say I'm a team player and I have talents; I'm no choir member meaning no talent; I'm no dance troupe or drama club member, no artistic side; no CSDC to say I'm disciplined. I have nothing. What's the point of even trying to join something now. I'm too late.

A lazy delinquent with no extra-curriculars. What decent college is going to accept me now? None. Well, I guess my dream of sleeping all day will come true.
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