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And I'm Back

asean shizAfter months and months of preparation for the ASEAN Inter-University Conference, it's finally over. Our class's job of covering the said event is nil and I can finally go to sleep not worrying about performances, food, money, and all that goes along with that.

I have lots and lots of stories to tell about it. I was detached from the internet for 5 days because of it and well I guess it was a good break. Sure, I cried buckets over silly/trivial things, but it's not like me if I don't shed a tear or two over frustrating events. This event taught me that I'm not cut out for executive producer duties and would be very happy staying in PA-land.

I'll try to condense all my thoughts into one picture-less entry, because I didn't have the foresight to bring a camera or did I have the time to camwhore during that 5 day stay at the Century Park Hotel.

  • Cramming 9 people into a room meant for 2 is way possible. All 9++ members of the production crew fit into a two bed hotel room. Storage wasn't the problem. It was bathroom sharing that was a little difficult. I had to wake up at 4 am every day to take a bath and buy breakfast for the entire production crew at Chowking because that's the only thing that was open 24 hours.

  • I can survive on Chowking 24/7 I was given our budget for food and gift certificates for Chowking for dinner. Eventually we turned it around and spent our gift certificates for breakfast just so that we didn't have to eat Chowking for dinner/. But in the end, I didn't mind. I've grown to love their breakfast meals, their lauriats, their noodles, their desserts. Just don't show me kropek in a few weeks and I'll be fine.

  • CPH has pretty cute waiters Maybe it was getting stuck in the ballroom all day everyday that made all the girls in the production team eventually "like" a waiter. I haven't been to too many hotels but this one had really really accommodating crew. I know that's how hotel staff is supposed to be, but it was sort of disarming being surrounded by people willing to bring you water. We ended up befriending almost the entire crew and even the bosses. The banquet manager even gave me a tip about a waiter I was eyeing. Apparently, he's not quite what he seems. Tcha! Thank god I didn't do anything stupid.

  • Dresses and flip-flops go together We were supposed to wear semi-formal clothes throughout the entire event so instead of worrying about what pants would go with what shirt, I brought dresses for all the days. Unfortunately, I only had heels with me and that hurt my feet pretty bad. Thank goodness for flip flops. So it didn't look too well with my dresses, but comfort is everything.

  • You can't do it alone. In the end, despite the long long long days and the short rest and the crazy inane tasks and all the back talking, I'm glad that I went through with it with my 7 classmates (Hazel, Rorie, Nikki, Mara, Caleb, Luis, and Ynna) in BC 122 (Plus our technician/pseudo-dad and headwriter Ely) because without them I would have probably broken down on the first day. The event had its ups and downs but I'm glad we all went through this together.

    I can't say I'd want to do this one more time, but I'm proud to say I survived it with minimal injuries. My feet are calloused, my tear ducts are dried out and I have but little pride left, but hey I survived the ASEAN and I'm glad I can finally say that.
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