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I'll Be Missing Boom

bye boom
  Boom and me at our Running for Fitness Finals
I was going to blog about the fact that I "jogged" 12 kilometers today for the FOPC Fund Run. But then I found out right after our 5 rounds of the academic oval that my running partner in PE 2: Running for Fitness, Boom had passed away the night before.

Suddenly, finishing my quota of turns in the oval didn't matter and my thoughts went to the times I would run with Boom. I'm a self-confessed non-runner and so was Boom. But the difference between us, was that Boom never gave up. To my knowledge, Boom had asthma and yet that didn't stop her from running. In fact, she wouldn't stop to walk -- like I did so many times.

Boom and I bonded every Tuesday-Friday from 7am till 8am as our torturous drill sergeant of a teacher would force us to run the entire UP in under an hour. Despite living in Pasig, Boom was never late and never absent to class. I live ten minutes away from UP and I was late and got lazy to wake up. That wasn't Boom.

With our legs aching and our hearts racing, Boom would always keep my spirits up. We' laugh about getting caught cutting the route and about how our heart rate was waaaaay above the healthy zone. Before class, I'd see Boom studying for an exam -- even if I know she probably knew all that already way in advanced.
I wasn't able to run an entire round for PE without stopping. I'd like to blame it on exhaustion, but I slept pretty early the night before. I'm just out of shape. Iron Woman Boom (aka the sweetest running partner ever) just kept running and pushing me to finish the entire two rounds. We beat our old record by 10 minutes! So not bad. [You Ain't Seen Nothing Like Me Yet]
What inspired me most about Boom was how she never ever gave up. During one of our runs, Boom sprained her ankle and couldn't run. That was in front of Vinzon's. She had gone ahead of me (because I was walking again) and when I caught up with her, she was already seated on the side walk writhing in pain. But that didn't stop Boom. She walked all the way back to Quezon Hall (a good 1.2K) just so she could finish.

Even our Nazi of a professor was surprised at her determination. I hung out with her til her dad came to pick her up. But Boom wasn't going to be let down. Even after her injury, Boom would come to class -- still earlier than me. Even at our finals, she was present. She was there to cheer our class on to victory.

That's why I was so shocked and saddened to hear that she had passed on, right after I finished my run this morning. She was a hardworking student and was at the top of her class. She was a loving girlfriend too (I remember her telling me how she and her boyfriend were trying to figure out how Skype worked).

She was a great friend too. I'd see her around my college a few times last semester because she was taking a Film elective and whenever I'd see her, I would feel so happy because it was a memory of happy tiring times together.

I was reading back on my blog and I saw that even back then, she had a huge effect on me -- always pushing me (figuratively and literally) to never stop running and not give up.
But really, what kept me going was knowing that Boom would have wanted to run, if she wasn't injured. That girl is an IronWoman! [I Be Working On My Fitness, Fergie's My Witness]
Future Dra. Iron Woman Boom, you will be missed very much. I'll always remember your infectious laugh and sheer determination (never being late to a class despite walking in crutches). Rest in peace, love. I'll keep on running for you.
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