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One Last Time

This season had the best finale but it also had me at my calmest. I wasn't really nervous. I wasn't on the verge of tears. I didn't scream so loud, that the neighbors had to call the police. Still, it was a competition and only one person could take the title. That doesn't mean, they aren't both winners already.
Theme EW Dad Mom Pamy Patty Pio Paola Ate Let Results
Beatles 1 Kristy Jason Syesha Syesha Syesha David H Chikezie Ramiele David H
Beatles 2 Chikezie David H Carly Kristy Amanda Chikezie Kristy Jason Amanda
Birth Year Syesha Brooke David H Chikezie Kristy Syesha Syesha Syesha Chikezie
Dolly Parton Ramiele David C Chikezie David H Ramiele Michael David H Michael Ramiele
Inspirational Amanda Chikezie David C Michael Chikezie Kristy Michael Carly Michael
Mariah Michael David A Kristy Amanda Michael Amanda Amanda David H Kristy
Lloyd Webber Brooke Carly Amanda Ramiele David H Ramiele Brooke Brooke Carly
Neil Diamond David H Michael Brooke David C Carly David C David A Amanda Brooke
Rock&Roll Carly Amanda David A Jason Brooke David A Ramiele Chikezie Jason
3 Songs David C Ramiele Jason Brooke Jason Carly Jason Kristy Syesha
FINALE Jason Kristy Michael Carly David A Brooke David C David C David A
David A Syesha Ramiele David A David C Jason Carly David A David C

So I'm apparently the runaway winner of this year's predictions with a total of FOUR correct answers. Sweet victory for me, especially since I got NOTHING right last year. Still, I'm not going to be gloating. I would have been happy either way.
God, he was so sweet. And innocent! And he never hurt a soul in his life! He brought so much joy to so many, little David Archuleta, and this is how you repay him? With a humiliating defeat on what should have been the most glorious night of his life? For us, David, your laurels shall never wither; forever shall they wend 'round our hearts. Farewell, sweet Idolbot 2008. We shall remember you always. [Vulture]

David Archuleta - Eliminated May 22, 2008
It's not even really goodbye for Archie because I am confident that this isn't the last we'll see of him. I don't even want to try and make a tribute of sorts, because Pamy already has that all written out, but I will say that he didn't go without a fight. In fact, he performed so brilliantly and made such a great competitor for Cookie that it was always exciting to see how both of them would try to outdo one another. Besides, Cookie said it best.
David Cook: "You know, the respect that I have for David Archuleta is very much past a competitor thing. He has more talent at his age than I know what to do with at 25. So, to be able to share the stage with him was an honor for me." [People]
Isn't Cookie such a sweetheart? Fear not though, as this obviously isn't the end. In fact, it's only the beginning. Behind the cut you'll see just how well taken cared of these two boys will be. They didn't even win yet and they've already got their own ads, Risky Business style (of Guitar Hero, no less). These guys are all set. I can't wait to see what they've got to show.

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