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Gossip Girl 01x18: Much 'I Do' About Nothing

My life ends this week. Not only has Gossip Girl aired it's season finale, but American Idol ends on Thursday. Alas. Still, Gossip Girl goes out with a bang and a lot of boom. Seriously. They totally crammed an entire season's worth of storylines into ONE episode alone and there really isn't much time for breathing. Let's try hashing things out.

Hello Sunshine!!! What a way to start the episode. I've been waiting for this to happen and I'm sort of pissed that I didn't see anything happen (so to speak). I mean we've seen Nate and Serena cavort at the Campbell apartment post-wedding and we see Blair and Chuck go at it at the back of the limo! Heck we see Dan and Serena unwrap each other at Christmas and this is all we get for Rufus-Lily? I say UNFAIR!!!!

Shouldn't their love be more legit as they are older and supposedly wiser?! But alas, where does this leave my favorite couple. She's getting married... TODAY and he's going on tour (anti-climactic much?). Screw the world, run away together. OR NOT.

And another couple entangled in bed together. So much for those OMFG ads, this show is too too clean and decent. I didn't see anything either!!! But how adorable are Chuck and Blair together? Their chemistry is undeniable and their banter is witty as ever. I especially love the look on Blair's face after slamming the door on his face -- it's obvious she wants him too. Come on girl, admit it!!!

Watch Serena turn all wild cat!!! I would have preferred if she and Georgina/Sarah got at it like cougars, but hey, this show is waaaay to kid-friendly. After seeing how Dan defends Georgina/Sarah and how Serena is just NOT doing things right, I could tell that this couple was going down. First off, so much for "forever" with Dan (thus spelling doom for Rufus-Lily) if they're not even going to fight for their relationship. Oh guys, grow up.

As much as I love Rufus-Lily, i feel terrible for Bart Bass. I'm sure this is just karma for bringing up a son like Chuck into this world, but wow I feel for this guy. He isn't clueless to what's happening to his bride to be and yet he's still so calm and rational about it. Take a cue, Dan-Serena!!! This is how the real world works!!! I wish I could find someone for Bart Bass other than Lily, because this guy deserves some loving.

This is the show that has EVERYONE hooking up with EVERYONE. So why hasn't Dan-Blair happened yet? I have to admit they looked really cute together, but hey that's cause Blair was up to no good scheming and little moral compass was learning the ropes.

Georgina/Sarah isn't so smart after all. And for a while there, I couldn't believe she was actually afraid of her parents. Like for realz?!? All it took was her parents?! Where's the gun she'd fire at them and kill the entire park? I couldn't believe this part for a bit, but hey I'm glad that horrid part is over.

WHAT HAPPENED INSIDE THAT ROOM!?! Rufus: I love you, Lily. Lily: I love you Rufus AND she still marries Bart!? Did they strike some sort of deal a la, if this doesn't work in the time span of half a season, we get back together?!?! I'm so curious.

And the bromance is back in action! I'm glad Nate-Chuck have made up and patched things. So what if it took the Captain Archibald to fly to the Dominican Republic (on a side note, does this mean the end for his character?), at least the boys are back together. I love them together.

I just thought this screencap was beautiful. And yeah, sad how these two nimwits don't love each other enough to work through their troubles. They were at a wedding. Did they NOT hear, the for better, for worse part. This isn't even in sickness and in health or for richer (Serena) or poorer (Dan) yet. This is just petty lying. Okay, maybe I need to re-evaluate my moral compass, but come on guys!!!! Your parents are NOT together because of you guys!!! Make it freaking work!!!

Chuck is one smooth operator and I just wanted to jump him. Episode 18 makes Chuck all sorts of win. He trumps Dan and Nate and just everyone. I love how he "loves" Blair and isn't afraid anymore. Oh Chuck, if only you could sustain it for a few more minutes (like say 'til the end of the episode). Josh Schwartz really is trying to set A TON of things up for the next season.

I love how Chuck-Blair are finally blissful (even if only for a few minutes) and Dan-Serena are miserable!!! There is justice in the world!!! And what's up with Dan not wanting to let go of Serena? Then don't!!! And make it work. I'm sorry, I can't get over this.

JUMP much? And wow, we get a bit of Jenny. Getting into Parsons internship under Eleanor Waldorf. Does this mean more social climbing for her? And I love the vintage bus Rufus travels in. So "Almost Famous." And did Jenny just mention, "her mom" ACK. The return of Alison!!!! Seek shelter!!!!

For a second there, I actually thought Chuck and Blair would jet off into the sunset to romantic Tuscany. Alas, Chuck gets woken up to his reality. He can't just be with one woman. At least not yet. I'm sad, but in a way, this is realistic. As this was the guy that almost raped Jenny in the FIRST episode. It doesn't take just 17 episodes to have a change of heart. Just as it doesn't take a few minutes in ONE episode for a bunch of relationships to fall apart (read: Nate-Vanessa), but more on that later. But for the record: Blair >>>>>>> Amelia. In any universe whatsoever.

It's so fun to see Blair so happy. I hope Chuck's misdemeanor doesn't get her down. Go flirt woman, but I feel like deep inside she's besotted with Chuck. I don't want to see Blair heartbroken again. I need for her to be this happy and Serena that miserable. I'm evil, but come on. Serena was always soooo happy in love around heartbroken Blair. It's Blair's turn to be happy, even if only for a few seconds (literally).

THEREFORE, I don't understand why Nate-Vanessa (aka Man Bangs and Punky Brewster) suddenly just fall apart?!? Josh Schwartz!!! This ship was working for EVERYONE!!!! Have you not shaken up things enough? And to add to that, you force Vanessa back on Dan?!?! What the hell? This isn't working for me. I was already liking Vanessa. Having Serena out of the way does not make things okay.

Surprisingly though, I'm enjoying Nate 2.0-Serena. I know people won't agree, but it was so natural. They've known each other forever and Serena's totally easy so it won't be hard to believe she'd hook up with Nate again after everything she's been through. Nate is totally pretty here. I'm actually jealous.

And that ends the season of Gossip Girl. I'm still not done digesting all that relationship twister, but hey, I've got the hiatus till fall season premiere to figure it out. I obviously totally enjoyed season 1 and I'm looking forward to season 2. So I hope Schwartz and Co. don't screw things up the way they did with The O.C. So what if the CW is folding up? Let's keep the Gossip Girl flame burning baby! XoXo, Hope you enjoyed my season long recap. Until the fall...
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