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This Just In

Apparently, the CW could fold up by next summer. What then will happen to my Gossip Girl?!? I don't know how the network is going to pump it's ratings. Could next season's 90210 Spin-off boost their ratings?
The network has lost about 28% of its target audience of 18 to 34 year olds so far this season. Its ratings during this month's "sweeps" period -- the all-important measure upon which future advertising rates are set -- are down about 22%.

People in the industry are asking whether this coming season is the CW's last chance. One person close to the situation confirms that without significant progress in the next year, at least one of the network's owners is likely to abandon the venture. [Wall Street Journal]
In the event that the CW does die, will any network take Gossip Girl in?!? You know you love them!!! Fox? NBC? ABC? CBS? Anyone?!!? Please!!!
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