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American Idol 7: Top 3 Elimination

This is it. Next week today, we will have a new American Idol (for the seventh time). And I can't believe how far along this show has gone. A lot of people say it's jumped the shark and TPTB are getting sloppy with the way they show their bias. In the end, it's still a TV show and I'm still getting entertained (somewhat), so I guess it's doing my job. Maybe though, they can be more honest about the voting process, because something tells me that they don't actually listen to the votes. Maybe it's just me.

Theme EW Dad Mom Pamy Patty Pio Paola Ate Let Results
Beatles 1 Kristy Jason Syesha Syesha Syesha David H Chikezie Ramiele David H
Beatles 2 Chikezie David H Carly Kristy Amanda Chikezie Kristy Jason Amanda
Birth Year Syesha Brooke David H Chikezie Kristy Syesha Syesha Syesha Chikezie
Dolly Parton Ramiele David C Chikezie David H Ramiele Michael David H Michael Ramiele
Inspirational Amanda Chikezie David C Michael Chikezie Kristy Michael Carly Michael
Mariah Michael David A Kristy Amanda Michael Amanda Amanda David H Kristy
Lloyd Webber Brooke Carly Amanda Ramiele David H Ramiele Brooke Brooke Carly
Neil Diamond David H Michael Brooke David C Carly David C David A Amanda Brooke
Rock&Roll Carly Amanda David A Jason Brooke David A Ramiele Chikezie Jason
3 Songs David C Ramiele Jason Brooke Jason Carly Jason Kristy Syesha
Jason Kristy Michael Carly David A Brooke David C David C
David A Syesha Ramiele David A David C Jason Carly David A

And this was the eventual week that no one would get anything right. I feel bad for my dad in a way because he was really sticking by his guns with his bold Syesha prediction, but hey, who knew she'd even make it this far right?

Though Sleazak won't say that Syesha truly deserved to be in the top 2, he will say that she deserved a fair fight -- something Sleazak thinks Syesha did NOT get with the way the producers and judges treated her last night.
In a season where my very favorite TV show has repeatedly undermined its own credibility — judging some contestants before they've actually performed, praising others even when they noticeably botch kind-of-important details like, oh, their lyrics — it would've been nice if the Mistress of the Bottom Two had been allowed to compete on a musically level playing field with the dueling Davids. [Entertainment Weekly]
Poll #1188103 American Idol 7: Top 3 Elimination

Do you think Syesha deserved to get the boot?

I Don't Care

Who would you have wanted to go instead?

David Archuleta
David Cook

Who do you want to win American Idol?

David Archuleta
David Cook

Who do you think will win American Idol?

David Archuleta
David Cook

Syesha Mercado - Eliminated May 15, 2008
Yes Syesha's got talent. There's no doubt about it. I guess what's lacking with her is just that star quality. She's the unfortunate victim of the Idol conspiracy because the producers have been rooting for a David-David finale since the beginning. Because if you were to ask me if Syesha deserves to be in the finale, then she surely does. I guess the support of the Fanesha 300 just wasn't enough. Still, I will always remember her stellar performances of "If I Were Your Woman," "One Rock and Roll Too Many," and even "I Will Always Love You." She is this year's Melinda Doolittle in a sense that she consistently performed but just wasn't the favored one. I'm sure she'll do good with whatever she decides to come out with. Bye Bye Syesha.
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