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Gossip Girl 01x17: Woman on the Verge

So I wasn't quite sure why this episode was named this way, but I guess there were a lot of women in this episode on the verge of something new. Lily and her wedding. Serena and her "murder" case. Georgina and her coming out to Dan (or not) and Rufus and his reunion concert. Okay, so Rufus isn't a woman. But there'll surely be a lot of screaming girls at that concert.
Why am I totally loving Nate and Vanessa? Nate is like Nate 2.0 when he's around her. He's confident and smooth and just freaking charming!!! I swear his lines with her are killer. I want an actual date!!! I want a real Nate-Vanessa storyline!!!

I love this shot of the boys!!! The Chuck-Nate Bromance should be brought back!!! There's so much love between them that it's hard to resist them. Come on! Give each other a hug!!! You know you want to, boys!

Someone's way wasted. I don't know how Blair got her into the elevator to begin with. Serena looks way wasted. This girl didn't just drink. Or at least she doesn't look like all she did was drink. It's hot the way Nate and Chuck just pick her up effortlessly!!!

Why is Lily being interviewed about Rufus so near her wedding? Though I don't understand the reason behind it, it's a nice way of inserting the fact that she's obviously not over him. Rufus hair is so wild though! Looks like Lincoln Hawk was pretty huge in the 90s.

Who does Dan think he is?! Get off your high horse boy!!! Then again, Serena isn't doing much to remedy the situation either. It's funny though how Blair-Chuck-Nate are blocking Dan's way. He's never going to get past those three.

Dorota for the win! She's the funniest character ever. And it's not even her accent. For me, she could totally be Gossip Girl!!! She's always there when things go down!!! Conspiracy theory!!! Dorota is Gossip Girl! Not.

The non-judgmental Breakfast Club! I slept with him in the back of a limo -- several times/ I slept with you when I was her date/ I'm Chuck Bass!!! Yes!!! This scene is made of all sorts of win. Chuck forever.

I Love the pain in Lily's face when she sees what a ho her daughter is. Seriously. I can't believe she only found out now though. And in hindsight, that's a really big ass flash drive!!! The resolution of the video is amazing and it's long enough to fast forward really quickly. Seriously. Where do you get one of those?

Ooooh. Lily puts her foot down. At her own rehearsal dinner at that. Show the bitch who's boss woman!!! I want to see how Serena's dad looks because Lily is HOT from all angles but Serena is only pretty at certain times. Who's the bastard that tainted the precious Rhodes DNA.

Nate and Vanessa forever!!! Nate is willing to take the subway to Queens for her!!! Get married please!!!! Steal the wedding from Bart and Lily and just get together! I've never seen Vanessa smile this much and so genuinely in one episode.

BART BASS!!! Wake up and smell the roses!!! Lily doesn't really love you or trust you!!! I feel terrible for Bart. He goes, "your problems are my problems" and Lily totally doesn't let him in!!! And you're marrying him? I can smell divorce already and the wedding isn't even on yet!!! Seriously, this is doomed.

"Let's go get the bitch" Seriously, I've never heard anything more sexy come out of Chuck's mouth. Chuck and Blair are so meant to be! This scene just says it all. They'll be the King and Queen of Mean and together they will rule the UES. Why aren't the writers listening to me on this one?!?

ZOMG! It's Lisa Loeb!!! And she sings Stay!!! Welcome back to the 90s baby! I wonder if she's found her potential husband! I still remember her from "Number 1 Single." I wonder what happened to that show.

Aren't Dan and Vanessa supposed to best friends?!? Why won't he listen to her?!?! Isn't Serena supposed to be his girlfriend? Why doesn't he trust her!!! DAN = STUPID!!! Dartmouth will not take you. It doesn't matter that J.L. Hall likes you, your IQ is ZERO!!!

THE LOOK OF FUCKING LOVE!!! Seriously. I don't care for Dan-Serena!!! RUFUS LILY must get it on. Right now. I don't know if Rufus is lipsynching but he looks pretty damn good doing this rockstar vibe. SEXY LOVE!!! This song was written for you, Lily!!! Leave Bart! Get with Rufus!!!

Lily: Get out of my way, Rufus.
Rufus: No
REPEAT TWICE!!! SERIOUSLY. I just died and went to freaking heaven. They must carry through with this relationship because it's been set up too much to be let go of quickly. I'm so rewinding this scene.

On the other hand, Dan and Georgina/Sarah. NOT HOT. I love how Dan's totally besmirched now though. Goodbye boring good boy because "cheating" Dan is here (technically he didn't cause they're over... for now). Oh Georgie. You're so going down.

RUFUS-LILY ! @#$%^&*()_)(*&^%$#@!!@#$%^&*()__)(*&^%$#@!@#$%^&*()_)
That's all. I'm fucking speechless.

And we're down to ONE last episode next week. Seriously. I don't know what the hell I'm going to do without it. My predictions are. Serena Dan live happily ever after. Rufus and Lily are still in love. Chuck and Blair must get it on again!!! What is a finale if there is no Chuck-Blair?
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