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The Never Ending Field Trip

boat ride

I usually don't want field trips to end. When I was in high school, I was just always raring to get on the road no matter how crummy the places were. The further from school the better. The longer we stayed, the happier I was.

Last week, I had an overdose of field trips. PI 100 had a two day back-to-back field trip. Friday was set for a ferry ride of Pasig River (yes that one). We weren't even required to attend this field trip but because I'm in dire need of bonus points, I decided to go ahead and go with the flow (of the river).


Getting there wasn't supposed to be hard. The jeepney ride was uneventful! But the MRT ride was crazy. On my way out, my card got stuck in the turnstile! I had to wait for a supervisor to open it up to let me out. It was embarrassing because my professor already left me, Anna and Simon at the station! Finally after getting out of the station, I led them down the wrong stairs and we ended up walking further!!!

Bapor tabo

The ferry ride was cool though. Despite the fact that the Pasig River really reeks, it was a really comfortable ride. I didn't even know there were so many stops along the way. Though it was a long trip, it was enjoyable because it wasn't like I was hurrying to go anywhere. Sure I had orals on Monday and I had a field trip the next day wherein I hadn't done my part of our group's reviewer, so that scared me a bit. But other than that, I really had fun.
While Saturday was from 7 in the morning till 9 in the evening, as we flitted from place to place -- that had something to do with Rizal. I usually spend Saturday mornings at home asleep, so this was going to be difficult. Still, I was early enough to get a pretty good seat even if Mr. Sexy Back wasn't in our bus. I wasn't going to complain because all I wanted was a seat that wasn't in the aisle.

white wall

Our first stop was Rizal's childhood house. Anna, being the game subject of my crummy camera non-skillz, was ready for her close up. I liked the white-ness of the wall compared to Anna's grey and pink. Whatevs. I just wanted to take her picture.


The sun was so hot and this was one of the rare times wherein Anna and I didn't look harassed, tired, and in my case, raped. Seriously. The sun was sweltering and I was just sweating buckets. No wonder Mr. Sexy Back was giving me weird stares when he'd catch me looking. I looked like shit. Thank goodness for this picture.

reflectionI love reflection pictures. This one is a bit blurry but it includes the entire frame. Rizal's house was pretty uneventful and so was Marcella Agoncillo's house and Leon Apacible's house.

But hey, who am I to complain. We were listening to MaxFM (when we could) and I was ogling at the quick-to-be-conceited Mr. Sexy Back. It's funny because it wasn't like I was staring at him the ENTIRE time. In fact, I made a conscious effort NOT to look at him. But when I would, he would so catch me!!! I'm terrible at this! I guess I should stick to stalking people online. It's much safer for me.

The walks were long and the sun was hot. My feet were tired and I just wanted to go home. We weren't even halfway done.

luksong baka

Lunch at Mabini's mausoleum was fun because we got to just hang out on the grass. Jervi and Meg displayed their luksong baka skills while I amazed at how nice their splits were. I don't have enough lower or upper body strength (whichever it is) to make me jump over a high wall (being Simon). We were easily the noisiest bunch of people at the park and it was no wonder Sir kept eyeing us. Hey, we were having fun!

Ms. Universe

But Jervi and Anna's camwhoring were the best. Using Anna's sarong, they tried coming up with the most number of ways to wear the sarong. Of course, nothing beats Jervira Reyki (Jervi's African Beauty pageant name). These two were meant to ham it up for the camera.


While walking to the Caysasay Church and Sta. Lucia Ruins we saw a basketball court. But what was special about it was that it was named after my friend, Marian!!! This only made me want to go home more. It was already 4pm and we were nowhere near done. Mr. Sexy Back was still being his smug, cute self and I was still looking like shit.

anna zFinally at around 7pm, it was time to go home. We switched buses (to Mr. Sexy Back's bus) because it would be passing C5 instead of the traffic ridden EDSA. Lucky for me, I was seated across MSB, a row behind him.

But the real sight of the bus was the Twilight Zone meets Studio 54 lighting of the bus. Anna looked fabulous under the green lighting though. I looked like an alien. I slept most of the way back, due to sheer exhaustion and because I was too lazy to keep staring at his sexy back.

It was raining all the way home and I was too lazy to review (who even said I would be able to review for my orals) so it was the best part of the field trip. Sleeping. It was a good thing Mr. Sexy Back (also known as my cutest PI 100 classmate) was there. Sure, he probably thought I was checking him out (which I was), but hey it's not like I ever have to see him again.

Thank goodness this field trip wasn't even overnight. I couldn't bare to stay away from home any longer. This was a long and tiring day but thanks to friends and crushes it made things worthwhile. Oh and finally, PI 100 is over.
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