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American Idol 7: Top 4 Elimination

Despite how dismal some performances were last night, I still wasn't solid on who I thought would actually get the boot. Idol is known for shocker eliminations so no one is really ever safe. Still, some deserved to go more than others and yet somehow I'm still holding out for an all boy top 3.

Theme EW Dad Mom Pamy Patty Pio Paola Ate Let Results
Beatles 1 Kristy Jason Syesha Syesha Syesha David H Chikezie Ramiele David H
Beatles 2 Chikezie David H Carly Kristy Amanda Chikezie Kristy Jason Amanda
Birth Year Syesha Brooke David H Chikezie Kristy Syesha Syesha Syesha Chikezie
Dolly Parton Ramiele David C Chikezie David H Ramiele Michael David H Michael Ramiele
Inspirational Amanda Chikezie David C Michael Chikezie Kristy Michael Carly Michael
Mariah Michael David A Kristy Amanda Michael Amanda Amanda David H Kristy
Lloyd Webber Brooke Carly Amanda Ramiele David H Ramiele Brooke Brooke Carly
Neil Diamond David H Michael Brooke David C Carly David C David A Amanda Brooke
Rock&Roll Carly Amanda David A Jason Brooke David A Ramiele Chikezie Jason
David C Ramiele Jason Brooke Jason Carly Jason Kristy
Jason Kristy Michael Carly David A Brooke David C David C
David A Syesha Ramiele David A David C Jason Carly David A

Pamy gets her third correct answer this season and believe me, I'm jealous. If only Jason stayed one more week, I would have gotten it. But so is the life. I can't believe it but my dad still has a chance of winning this if Syesha actually makes it past next week. You just never know.
The sad part is, I've been rooting for Jason ever since he first appeared on my TV screen three months ago — without the smallest kernel of hype or hope, and with what was probably less than 30 seconds of prior airtime — to deliver a magical semifinal rendition of the Lovin' Spoonful's ''Daydream.'' [Entertainment Weekly]
Poll #1184551 American Idol 7: Top 4 Elimination

Do you think Jason deserved to get the boot?

I Don't Care

Who would you have wanted to go instead?

David Archuleta
David Cook
Syesha Mercado

Who do you want to get eliminated next?

David Archuleta
David Cook
Syesha Mercado

Jason Castro - Eliminated May 8, 2008
I really like Jason Castro. In fact, despite his performance last night, I still secretly wished that Syesha would get the boot just so he could make it to the top 3. Alas, I guess the VFTW peeps don't have as much clout anymore. I will forever enjoy his rendition of "I Just Want To Be Your Everything," "Hallelujah" and "Day Dream." And that was only his top 24. His top 12 had really great performances too with "Fragile," "Somewhere Over the Rainbow," and "I Don't Wanna Cry." Though the past few weeks he hasn't been on his best, I guess I'll remember him for the good times. So long Jason.
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