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Gossip Girl 01x16: All About My Brother

For an episode entitled, "All About My Brother," the brothers in this episode actually took a backseat to the Jenny-Rufus, Jenny-Asher, Jenny-Blair storyline. In fact, it should have been named "All About Jenny!" Still, there was something else in this episode other than Jenny. And those little extras made me love love love this episode. In fact, it ranks up there as one of my favorites. Not like I don't love all 16 (so far!)

I love the open hostility between these two. In a way, I'm glad Jenny's asserting herself, but I'm obviously on Team Blair on this one, so I'm glad she's got some allies on her side, especially since Serena is so MIA. My favorite is "invitations are non-transferable!" Wow. She's really gone bonkers!!! And go Rufus for figuring out how a computer works! Time to hack into her Facebook!!!

Ewwww... How dare Jenny do this to Eric?! Chuckles already left him all alone, now he has to go through this shit with Jenny! He's just trying to be nice to her. Eric is the most mature person in this entire show!!! I know I hated him in the beginning, but he's totally grown on me! Jenny: Oh my god, wait. You have a crush on me or something? Don't be embarrassed?! That's so cute! As if, Little J.

So Asher is gay and is using Jenny is a front! But would he really be making out in the middle of the street?! I don't think so. And Dan just happens to be there to see him making out with a non-girl?! And why did CW not show the kiss?! I doubt it was X-rated or anything. WE all know it's Eric who's gay anyway!!!

And finally!!! SOME RUFUS-LILY LOVE!!! This is the only thing keeping me happy especially since there is absolutely not Chuck in this episode. I love how Rufus goes to Lily for parenting advice and then ends up tagging along to her wedding chores!!! Talk about ouchies!!! I can feel him dying inside!!! He loves you Lily!!!

And the way he looks at her when he's wearing that dress. He's probably thinking I could be the groom!!! And yet he can't even bring himself to say anything. As much as I like Dan-Serena, I love Rufus-Lily more. Their love has been a long time coming!!!

HARSH ASHER!!! But way to bring Little J a few notches down!!! I'm not used to seeing Jenny making out (wow I sound like Rufus), but I guess she is growing up. Dan has nothing to fear. Looks like Asher isn't popping anyone's cherry right now. How desperate of Jenny though to not care that she's only being used. Oh the problems.

You notice how there is absolutely no Georgina pictures despite her prominent role in this episode? That's because I absolutely hate her, but love her. Hate how she's keeping Dan-Serena apart, but love her for staining Serena's super perfect life. I feel terrible for Eric though! Way to be outed! Although I didn't see this coming (if not for spoilers), I would have kicked Georgina out of the table if I were Lily.

Rufus: You've already lost my trust. Do you really want to lose my respect to? Cry. Rufus was so sad and desperate in his plea to make Jenny stay that it broke my heart!!! I would kill Jenny if she were my daughter and yet Rufus is just there trying to keep her safe. Just lock her up! OR tie her to the kitchen sink!!! I mean Jenny suggested it, Rufus!!!

I LOVE Blair's dress!!! It's divine and she of course had to look her best for the dastardly deed she was about to do. I'm glad she didn't out Eric though. The old Blair would have, but there really is some goodness in this woman. Compared to Jenny's one track mind, Blair's obviously the more human one. Asher: Get that faggot out! KILL THE BITCH -- and I mean Asher! How dare he do this to Eric!!!

And this time, Lily returns the favor by calling up her old flame for some parental advise again!!! Seriously, these two should just get it on!!! No wedding (NOT -- I wanna see people in gowns). But really these two are killing me. There's so much sexual tension here, they could turn Eric straight again. Favorite couple ever.

Eric once again proves just how old he is. He's more mature than the entire cast put together. They should totally develop this plot because suddenly Eric is so much more interesting. Screw suicide, let's all be gay!!! Lily: I'm scared... I'm worried for your safety and your happiness. Give me a hug Lily!!! -- you are the best mom on this show!!!

Blair: You put on a good fight... for a freshman. Hope you didn't expect a hug Right on, bitch!!! If only this season were longer, I'm sure they could have dragged this power struggle on for more episodes. So I'm sort of glad that this season's shorter. I wonder what Jenny will do now that she's no longer vying to be Queen B. I like Jenny's jacket, by the way.

SERENA!!! Wake up and tell your boyfriend what the hell your problem is!!! Seriously!!! Dan is going to resort to his own means if you don't tell him what's up!!! I mean seriously!!! This is only going to lead to more problems. This couple has a lot of issues to flesh out. Neither of them trust each other and with good reason. They need to grow up first. Therefore, break up first and let Lily and Rufus come together!!!

Oh and I hate Georgina. I really felt sorry for Serena here.

The parent-child scenes are my favorite parts of this episode. I love how Jenny just crumbles and crawls back to her dad. Don't expect to get out of the house 'til you're 25 though. I really hope she isn't going to give Rufus any more problems, he's got enough love drama as it is.

I TOTALLY CALLED IT Last week, I was thinking aloud that what could be so bad she couldn't tell anyone and I said she'd kill someone and she did!!! Yay!!! We've got a teenage murderer on the show. Things were never this exciting in Newport. Oh wait! Ryan almost killed his brother, right?

But really, I doubt Serena REALLY killed whoever on purpose. I have a feeling it was in self-defense or something to get her out of this problem because we can't spend season 2 with Serena in jail! Unless... it's Prison Break meets Gossip Girl where older brother Chuck tattoos himself with the map of the jail to get Serena out!!!

In all seriousness, I found Blair to be so loving. After Serena totally abandoned her this entire episode, she's still there for her sister in the end. Oh the complicated lives theses people live.

Thank god for wonderfully unrealistic episodes like this. It makes life so much more fun. And that leaves us with two episodes left. Seriously. What CW is doing is cruel to us. They give and then take it away. Cruel cruel people. I guess this will test our EQ -- that's it, I know I fail. GIve me more Gossip Girl!!!
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