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Grab A Pen

I'm not a big fan of poetry. I appreciate it, but I don't go around reading it. Added to that, I can barely string words together that make sense, mean something and have the right measure. Still, that doesn't mean I don't look up to people who can write poetry. In fact, I'm so in awe with poets. While in my MP 115 class, I felt so inspired by my professor to make poetry, but alas, i'm just not cut out for it. Enter Austin Kleon. This guy, makes poetry out of newspaper clippings. He calls it Newspaper Blackout. He uses a Sharpie to black out parts of The New York Times and voila! He's got poems.
He takes a page from an existing book or newspaper article and blacks out words until he finds a new and hidden meaning in the text, using the block of text as a visual and poetic element, on a par with the actual words. Some of the results are hilarioius, some are profound and even unsettling, but they are never bland or boring. [The Ephemerist]
How's that for creative. I have to admit, though this is a restricting format (seeing as the words are already there), I think it might actually work for me. This way, I don't have to really think of the words, I have to put them together though. Not that that's any easier. But hey, at least I've got a guide of sorts. This could be a nice jumping off point for making poetry. I think I might really try this out.
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