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American Idol 7: Top 5 Elimination

Last night was not my favorite theme ever. It would have been if they all followed our predictions for them, but alas that just wasn't the case. I feel like there were so many other better songs from the Neil Diamond catalog that were left unused. Oh well, we'll just have to face the consequences of these actions.

Theme EW Dad Mom Pamy Patty Pio Paola Ate Let Results
Beatles 1 Kristy Jason Syesha Syesha Syesha David H Chikezie Ramiele David H
Beatles 2 Chikezie David H Carly Kristy Amanda Chikezie Kristy Jason Amanda
Birth Year Syesha Brooke David H Chikezie Kristy Syesha Syesha Syesha Chikezie
Dolly Parton Ramiele David C Chikezie David H Ramiele Michael David H Michael Ramiele
Inspirational Amanda Chikezie David C Michael Chikezie Kristy Michael Carly Michael
Mariah Michael David A Kristy Amanda Michael Amanda Amanda David H Kristy
Lloyd Webber Brooke Carly Amanda Ramiele David H Ramiele Brooke Brooke Carly
Neil Diamond David H Michael Brooke David C Carly David C David A Amanda Brooke
Carly Amanda David A Jason Brooke David A Ramiele Chikezie
David C Ramiele Jason Brooke Jason Carly Jason Kristy
Jason Kristy Michael Carly David A Brooke David C David C
David A Syesha Ramiele David A David C Jason Carly David A

So my mom gets her second correct answer for the season. As Syesha hangs on for dear life. I swear if this woman wins this thing, then my dad isn't our laughingstock after all and we should all go through the "dice method" when making our bets for the season.
Brooke neutralized the bad dream of ''Believer'' when she sat down at the piano and gave the evening's most heartfelt (if not most technically perfect) vocal on ''I Am...I Said.'' ... The way Brooke's voice broke on the line ''I am, I cried'' gave me chills, [Entertainment Weekly]
Poll #1180568 American Idol 7: Top 5 Elimination

Do you think Brooke deserved to get the boot?

I Don't Care

Who would you have wanted to go instead?

David Archuleta
David Cook
Jason Castro
Syesha Mercado

Who do you want to get eliminated next?

David Archuleta
David Cook
Jason Castro
Syesha Mercado

Brooke White - Eliminated May 1, 2008
Oh Brookie. In the beginning, I loved you. I really did. Save for your repeating songs from the start, you weren't half bad. You made it to the top 5 after all!!! I will always enjoy your Top 24 performances of "You're So Vain" and "Love is a Battlefield." When you hit the top 12, there were some snags, but I really like listening to your studio recordings of "You've Got a Friend" and "Every Breath You Take" (where you don't repeat the start). I can imagine your album will be full of folksy tunes that you play on the piano or guitar and I might even get a copy. You had a sort of good run. So congratulations for making it this far. Don't worry, I don't think you'll need to nanny after this.
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