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Gossip Girl 01x15: Desperately Seeking Serena

This week, we finally welcome bad girl from Serena's past, Georgina Sparks (Michelle Tratchenberg). The Upper East Side kids are busy preparing for the SATs but it looks like Serena's going to have an extra hard time concentrating now that her old bestie is back in town. Will Serena be lured back to the good 'ol days of sex, drugs and rock and roll?

It's official, Dorota is B's real best friend. How sweet of her to review vocabulary flash cards with her dear Ms. Blair. Of course, it's not like she has much of a choice and I didn't know her English was good enough to be quizzing Blair on it, but hey, being there is what counts, right?

Serena + Chuck = Best Brother and Sister ever!!! I'm loving them more than Jenny + Dan. Seriously!!! And the orange trench Chuck is wearing matches Serena's orange fingerless gloves. They're already dressing alike! I like to see them interact without bickering! See! You guys can get along if Serena isn't such a bitch about it.

OMG!!! G is back!!! And she's like the Brunette version of Serena. Seriously. Their hair is the same. They have the same clothes. They talk alike, except Georgina is much cooler than wimpy Serena. And of course, because Serena is the weaker half, she has to give in to Georgina's advances.

Dog walker has some potential! Except for some reason I think his face is a little wide. Or maybe because I'm so used to Nate's chiseled jaws that a little weight looks odd on anyone on the show. Wow though, Jenny's getting really materialistic! She's looking for a hot, rich guy and she's not hiding it either. I hope he breaks her heart. Or not. He seems nice.

And yet another new couple alert!!! Nate + Vanessa?!? This could be potentially hot. Nate for some reason, has so much character now!!! He's like Nate 2.0 and lucky Vanessa gets to sample the fine new specimen. Bickering already, this is going to be a feisty relationship!!!! And wait, she's tutoring Dan?! Isn't Dan the smart one? Oh wait, he's a choker (how convenient). And Nate is DONE with the SATs?!? When did he suddenly get so responsible and non-mopey? Did I miss an episode?

Nelly Yuki! I love her name!!! She's like Kati 2.0 (minus the confusing heritage). And she's smarter and more "well-rounded" than Blair -- if it were possible. I think this girl has hottie written all over her if she wasn't wearing those glasses. I guess they had to give her some kind of flaw.

Chuck to the rescue AGAIN!? Seriously, this guy is waaaay too nice to Serena. If I were him, I would totally leave her hanging!!! She kicked you out of your own house, remember??? Nevertheless Chuck is the sweetest step brother anyway -- covering up for her to Dan and looking mighty fine at it in his green sweater. Chuck is such a nice guy.

This is the most awesome non-sexual threesome ever!!! I find it interesting that Serena tells Chuck about Georgina and can't tell Dan. I wonder what kind of sordid secret Georgina has on Serena that she can't tell anyone and HAS TO go to Chuck for help. I loved this shot, because it looked like Chuck was really in between them.

Date already? Vanessa's moving pretty fast. And why not! Nate's single and so is she. Let's take advantage. I love how they have to give Nate some sob story about his dad being in rehab in Brooklyn (how convenient that Vanessa is always in Brooklyn). But really, I'm all for this pairing. I believe that everyone on the show MUST hook up with each other before this season ends.

Rufus is waaaaay too nice to Jenny. If this is his idea of grounding Jenny, then ground me now! How lovely of him to give her a sewing machine (like that's going to keep her in the house!). Jenny is so rude though, storming off just because she wasn't allowed out. I mean come on, let's feign a little gratitude here, dear.

FIRST DATE HOOK UP!!! Well well well, looks like V and N are hot for each other. I found it so hot how flirty and forward Nate was being. I guess I was so used to him being all stoned around Blair with absolutely no effort and now with Vanessa he's just so into it. Now that's hot.

What kind of friend slips a drug into her friend's drink? I know Georgina's weird, but what was she planning with this? She obviously does not want Serena to take the SATs. I feel bad for Serena momentarily but then realize she's been such a stickshit to everyone else, so go ahead and fail a bit. There's still another SAT test date, I'm sure.

Rufus is my favorite dad ever. I love how he's really trying to assert himself to Jenny. Jenny should act at least repentant. She doesn't even sound remorseful. I'm sure her dad will come around if she acted a little bit more sorry. Oh and Rufus is looking mighty fine even without Lily by his side.

Queen B is evil!!! I feel bad for Nelly Yuki!!! Blair should be plotting vengeance against Little J, NOT this Asian girl!! Just when I thought things were getting better for minorities on this show. NOT. Blair looks really business like too. I thought this was the SATs -- it looked more like a business interview. I think I wore jeans and a tshirt to my SATs. Oh the UES kids and their clothes.

Can anyone spell J-E-A-L-O-U-S?! I find it adorable how Blair and Dan are both looking over at Nate and Vanessa and both seem jealous -- or the least bit confused? But really, as much as I love Nate and Blair together, I prefer Chuck and Blair. Also, since I refuse to see Dan with Vanessa, Vanessa and Nate must belong together. This is the start of great things.

Now I'm really curious as to what Georgina has on Serena. She can't even tell Chuck!!! I'm thinking murder here. Or like they got so high on drugs they pushed someone out the window? I mean it's got to be murder, otherwise she wouldn't be this afraid to tell people, right?

Asher is looking mighty gay here. Or maybe it's the massive amount of hotdogs he's carrying. I love how Rufus doesn't back down either. Asher is super diplomatic though and such a suck-up. Good boy alert!!! He may be just the thing Jenny needs to tame her. I have a feeling though that even he can't handle Jenny's ambitions of Queen Bee-ship. Oh noes.

Georgie, the bitch and Sarah the owner? Sounds about right. Looks like Georgina is going to go all out with the revenge here. I wonder what the hell she's going to do with Dan, but those looks she's throwing his way don't look very innocent to me. I can't wait for Serena's world to be rocked.

Obviously Georgina's warpath has only begun. I can't wait till next week's episode because things are only going to get better. I want more Lily in the show! Less annoying Jenny and more likeable bubbly Jenny. And of course, ChuckBlair!!! You know you can't wait till next week. I know I can't.
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