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I wanna be a Mermaid!!!

So I was a fan of the Marimar remake that GMA recently wrapped up. It totally launched the career of Marian Rivera as a bona fide A-Lister in the Kapuso network so I was quite excited to see how they would give their take of Mars Ravelo's comic book character Dyesebel (who's been portrayed over the years by many different actresses).

Last night, I didn't really get to see any Marian-DingDong action as it was only the introduction to the series (my hatest parts -- because I hate backstories of little children or whatever). I don't think I'll be following this as rabidly as I did Marimar, but we'll see. So I wasn't as excited to see it, but here are a few of my thoughts on the show anyway.
  1. Is Wendell Ramos really supposed to be Marian Rivera's dad?
    This sort of disturbed me because Wendell could be young enough to be paired to Marian and yet here he is being paired off with Jean Garcia (who's daughter is ONLY like a teenager). So I'm doing all this mental math in my head and I still can't get over this fact that he's already the father type.

  2. Lolo Xernan Lives!!!
    So for those who watched AnnaKareNina (like I did, faithfully every Sunday instead of piano lessons), Chinggoy Alonso plays Marian Rivera's paternal grandfather, which I can sort of imagine. I was too shocked over the fact that he's back on TV to even care what his role really is. I know that he's this fishing magnate and there was a scene where he was complaining to his people that they didn't catch as much tuna. A little disconcerting as he's eating his future granddaughter's kind. But anyway, he's back on the tube so I forgive him.

  3. Andrea Del Rosario is in the same age group as Jean Garcia?!?
    Again, I know Jean Garcia looks young, but they're practically an entire generation apart!!! Jean was in the original "Dats Entertainment," when it was still a daily show and I bet Andrea grew up watching her. She should be insulted that she' being lumped in the same age group!!!

  4. Jean Garcia must demand for better hair extensions
    I mean I know they spent a lot of money on production already, but Jean Garcia's hair extensions get more air time than Lolo Xernan therefore I think it deserves a bit of attention too!!! In close-ups, you can see her glossy rebonded hair underneath the terrible hair extensions that would make Britney's clip ons look oh so sosyal.

  5. The fins on the Baby Marian Rivera Dyesebel look oh so CG
    I mean okay, I'm glad they're venturing into Computer Graphics, but even the fin of the baby?!?! Could they not have made a cloth-silicon fin for this kid?!? And speaking of the kid, when Dyesebel was born and the doctor practically dropped the kid from shock and yelled, "HALIMAW" (monster -- or something like that), why was Wendell's reaction so sedated?! I didn't get to catch it from the start but does this mean that Wendell knew of Jean Garcia's fishy past? I need to watch more.

Over-all, it could have been worse, but since I'm expecting so much from it, after the Marimar high, I hope this show picks up not only in pace, but in production value and script. I guess because I have never seen a Dyesebel adaptation nor do I know the story, I have my doubts. Still, I'm sure it did better than ABS-CBN's drama debut for the same evening, "Maligno." Or maybe I'm just a closet Kapuso.
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