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Voice Post: Summer Drama

277K 1:27
“This summer isn't how I expected it to be. Other than the fact that I have summer internship which takes up a lot of my time, then there's PI 100 which takes up the other lot of my time. There's also additional academic drama that I really don't want to deal with but of course I have to. I'm just hoping for the best and trying to keep positive. But really I didn't see this coming at all and the worst part is, I really didn't intend on doing anything malicious or evil. So I need everyone's prayers, hoping that I pull through this one because other than this I still have my other academic duties. I still have a lot of work to do with past subjects like 122 which won't be finished until June 1. And then of course, there's PI and 197 internship. I like going to Max. That's my favorite part of the summer. Other than that, I just pray that I get through this year and graduate next year on time.”

Transcribed by: woodycakes
Tags: college junior, vacation, voice post
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