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Gossip Girl 01x13: The Thin Line Between Chuck and Nate

Yes, I never actually wrote my recap for the last episode before the hiatus, I was probably mega busy with school work, but when was I not anyway? The last episode before the hiatus wasn't necessarily my favorite, but it was a nice way to end it (without knowing that it would be back a few months later-- thank goodness). So Blair is rumored to be pregnant and she doesn't know by whom. That's what happens when you've got both Nate and Chuck banging (no pun intended) at your door.

And of course, Serena has to go buy the pregnancy kit. I really don't know why Serena goes through this, but I guess they wanted to show just how much she loves Blair. And of course, there's one of GG's minions ready with her camera phone. How many people read Gossip Girl exactly? But really, did Serena NOT see this girl go and take her picture? It wasn't like she wasn't obvious.

So Jenny reads that Serena could be pregnant. And screams! Really loud. This leads to Rufus and Dan coming into the room and bam! Dan and Rufus are having that "responsibility" talk. Dan's all "I'll-be-there-for-Serena-no-matter-what" mode while Rufus is in a "I'm-too-hot-and-young-to-be-a-grandad" mode. Oh Rufus. Chill my friend.

And these two new girls from "School Lies" are back. I wish they had been established earlier -- like at the "soiree/sleepover" perhaps? It seems odd that they're in with the cool kids two episodes into the end. But hey, I'll take 'em. I think only Hazel has a name at this point. So the other girl is still nameless.

Oh dear. Watch Chuck long for Blair as Nate makes out with her. I feel really bad for Chuck here. Obviously he's in love with Blair and it wasn't just nothing to him. So I don't understand why he doesn't just come out with his feelings instead of masking it in hatred and loathing for her. All Blair wants is someone to love her. And it's not Nate, obviously.

These two are too much. Just go out and tell her you love her! So what if she's not pregnant. This is the extent of the drama in their non-dramatic lives. Which leads me to believe their "perfect" relationship is so going to fall apart in the next season. That sort of scares me, cause I don't want Dan with Vanessa. Oh the drama.

Eleanor!!! You're daughter's worst problem isn't that she's bulimic! It's that she could possibly be pregnant!!! Wake up!!! But then again, dear little daughter is pretty good at hiding her feelings so I can't blame Eleanor for not knowing what's up with her child.

Durr!!! Of course she's not pregnant! I love how she wills herself to not be pregnant in the bathroom telling herself, she can't be pregnant. You can't come back after the hiatus with a 3 month pregnant Blair! That just won't work!!! How will she wear the cutest couture clothes? At least they resolve it pretty quickly. Now we can concentrate on other things.

SMACKDOWN!!! I love how Chuck totally told Gossip Girl that Blair slept with both him and Nate! He's just so scorned and hurt and wasn't thinking straight. What a fabulous revenge plot and what a nice twist in the show! Then we see the Chuck-Nate throwdown and I wish more punches were thrown a la The O.C. but alas, I guess the UES kids aren't as violent as the dudes from Chino.

Blair wants forgiveness now?! Oh noes, I doubt Nate is going to give in this time around. Not after she manipulated him into believing she wanted to get back together just because she loved him and not because she lost her virginity to Chuck first. Rule number 1: honesty is still the best policy. Full disclosure baby! In fairness, I love her jacket though.

Wow. who are these girls and where the hell did they come from?! Hazel and unnamed girl (can't tell which is which) totally tell Blair off. I'd be terrified to stand up to Blair but I guess as they said, "you've just been dethroned, Queen B." And Jenny! How dare you!!! Yes, Blair was sort of evil to you, but she let you in. This makes for fabulous television though.

Oh Eric. You're such a sweet little brother. These two don't ever fight huh? In fact, none of the siblings on this show ever fight. Everyone's just supportive of each other. Eric being the perfect example. He's so understanding of all of Serena's drama. If they were really siblings, I'd totally tell her to just deal with it, but then that wouldn't be nice of him.

Chuck is despicable and it's so good. "You're like one of my Father's Arabians. Rode hard then put away wet." It took me a while to get that. But really, Blair sort of deserved this. She did sleep with both Chuck and Nate then ditched Chuck who was practically begging her to stay for Nate without telling Nate. So really, she sort of deserved it, but I couldn't help but feel terrible for her.

I love to see Blair go to her mom and just cry her eyes out. In the end, Blair is still a little girl who needs her mom to save her. or at least a ticket out of New York and straight to the high life of the French countryside. But really, she was so desperate that I couldn't help but feel sorry for her. Eleanor of course, couldn't resist her unica hija. So it's a one way ticket -- for now.

JENNY! What are you doing?!?! Cannot you see that this is a vicious cycle?!? Elise is the NEW you!!! Why are you letting this thing happen?! Where is Vanessa when you need her? I mean only Vanessa can knock some sense into Jenny! Yes, I can't believe I'm wanting Vanessa, but anything to save Jenny from herself.

Rufus has so many ladies it's hard to keep track of who's who. But one thing's for sure. I'm for Bex. I like her. She's pretty and sassy and she's into Rufus. Rufus is soooo cute with the entire "string of women" comment. Obviously he's not used to this. But I think it's time he got used to it, because thankfully Alison ain't going to come back, or so I hope.

Dan + Serena = cheesiest people ever on television. I mean really. I love you because you have no idea of your effect on others; and you're laugh; and blah blah blah. I have to admit, I was sort of getting kilig inside, but come on!!! Are high schooler's this "deep"? In hindsight, it's pretty funny, but when I first watched this, I just wanted to slit my wrists until I found my Dan who would stop the bleeding.

Of course, the BFF are just the best part of this show. It's nice to see how the girls have gone full circle. From hating on one another in the pilot, they "end" the season (midway at least) with the two of them against the world. And what exactly will the next/return of the season bring? I'm sure I'll love it.

The wait was long, but now it's over. I watched Episode 14 last Tuesday and I can't wait for the next four episodes. New York times said it best, this is the "BEST. SHOW. EVER."
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