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Now Let Me See You Work It

So I know I'm not the most fashion forward person in the world. In fact, I consider myself to have absolutely no personal style. And I know fashion is all about taking risks or whatever, but somehow this just doesn't sit so well with me -- or rather you wouldn't ever see this on my head.
MK Olsen was seen wearing a Marc Jacobs puffy headband from his Fall 2008 collection. She turned up at the "New Yorkers for Children Gala" with her trademark renaissance hair decorated with the soon to be accessory of the moment. This hair piece is something that has left me slightly perplex, a little bit eighties, a little bit medieval it's not something I could ever wear unless I was going to a fancy dress party. [July Stars]
This feels like those puffy headbands we would wear as kids and it was so loose it would fall on your face? Well, this is just like it, except it's meant to be on your forehead (a la sports headband when you're playing tennis and all). I doubt it cost like a normal headband too. Oh well as Gwen Stefani said, "style is style, fashion is fashion." I'm so not a fashionista.
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