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Edible? Really?

I guess food is still food. With the rice shortage going on in the country, I guess I should be happy I'm still eating three plus times a day. I'm not a picky eater. I eat all sorts of food and when I mean all sorts, I actually mean all. But somehow these treats don't sound so delectable to me. And again, let me stress, I'm not picky.

So why is it that I'm NOT appetized by the thought of the "Bacon Bra" at all? I mean I love bacon and I love bras. But together, this just doesn't quite work for me.
Is there anything that people won't do with bacon? We've had bacon cups, meat cabins and ships, bacon mats and candy bacon. However, until today, I'd never seen anyone wear bacon. This may just become the next thing in undergarments. It's wire-free, made of all-natural materials and could double as a snack in a pinch. [Slashfood]
Then I read that there's this restaurant in China that serves horse penis. Well. I guess they're trying to make sure all the parts of an animal are consumed and nothing goes to waste. Smart people, I tell ya. I just can't see myself ordering this from the menu off the bat.

Apparently though, this has been going on for quite some time now. It's been featured many times before. But with the Beijing Olympics coming up, I guess China will drum up any interest (no matter what about) in their country.
Haute genitalia is what you'll find at Beijing's Guo-li-Zhuang restaurant, including schlongs of water buffaloes, deer dick juice (sour as lemon, apparently), and yak's "goods." [Serious Eats]
Now I eat balut and liver and stuff like that, but wow, somehow I can't bring myself to eating these just yet. But hey, never say never. Who knows one day, I might be hungry or gutsy enough to go and get me some bacon bra with horse penis on the side. I wanna know, would you care to sample some edible underwear (of the bacon variety)?
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