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Too Much Coffee

I've complained time and again about the amount of work I had this semester and most of that work could be pointed at BC 111 and BC 122. Last night, our BC 111 class had our culminating activity of sorts at Figaro Meralco Strip to launch our podcasts, "Stir Your Senses."

Making the podcasts were no joke and preparing for the launch was no joke either. I cursed this subject to the highest heavens, but when all was said and done last night, I felt sad. Don't get me wrong, I was glad the work was over. But I was sad too.

I was so used to seeing all 14 classmates (and Sir!) every single freaking Wednesday that I think I might be having withdrawal symptoms. And I'm feeling it already. At last night's launch, I just wanted to "get it over with" because this was the fruit of all our hard work and I was nervous for how it was going to turn out. Thankfully it went great!

Thanks to all the friends who came out to support!!! I was so shocked at how mnay people came. My mom, Paola, Pietro, Pamy, Miguel, Tito, Nikki, Mark, Mimi, Anna, Tam, Sam, Clar, Kai, Sir Aldo, Marian, Ruth, Mae, Ali, Tiffie, Hazel, Likas, Mara, Con, Ter, Flau, Ynna. I was so happy to see all of you guys there!!!

Then there's the class who made this semester. AD, Dolph, Eden, IA, Iris, James, JR, Levi, Loren, Luis, Meg, Myca, Sha, Simon and Sir. This semester was crazy busy and just plain crazy that at times I just wanted to drop dead. But thanks to the crazy classmates and the crazy situations we got ourselves into, the semester was not just bearable but unforgettable.

Then this morning I check my mail and get an email from our professor who made a sort of end of the sem speech/mail and well I got choked up, especially in the part where he made his "final roll call of the class." A lot of it are things only we will understand, but this sums up the semester pretty well.

Final Roll Call

Dolph - solution-oriented, what every production needs
JR - you can be my PM anytime
Luis - life has been an adventure to me
AD - decaffeinated approach, there's a good reason why you were asked to lead
Ia - princess peach
Iris - mother goose has spoken
James - direk! take it easy
Patty - class president, guys guys listen...
Lorenne - artiste par excellence, throw that thesaurus away and keep life simple
Myca - queen of cool and calendar girl
Sharon - smooth operator, go and turn up the volume
Meg - marketing diva...dearie, true sexiness is always internal...ingat!
Simon - " "
Levi - broad anti-boyband committee
Eden - ulirang ate and comic relief, ano (sino) ba talagang secret diet mo?

bye bye bye bc 111

I'm thankful that our work is over, and I'm thankful for the friends I gained and the things I learned. I wasn't able to take pictures because I was busy but Paola took a bit for me. Click here for more pictures of the event! And ABS-CBN Online even made a write up!!! Okay, the caffeine is wearing off. I'm out now.
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