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Marvin is My Ka-Pirate!!!!

Today, Pamy and I were so bored at home (being orphans and all), that we decide to buy new DVDs. I just finished arranging our 417 strong DVD collection and realize we don't have enough chick flicks (we have a lot of action and drama). So I drag myself out of the house (in my house clothes) and drive all the way to our favorite DVD pirate.

When we get there, I get so starstruck when I see M a r v i n A g u s t i n is right NEXT TO ME!!! I'm not even a Marvin fan! I never was. I catch him on tv sometimes because he's on a bunch of GMA shows and the tv is just glued to GMA. But I never really sought him out. AND YET, I was so floored when I saw him!!!

I don't know why, but I was suddenly speechless. He was in really normal clothes, but he smelled really good. Probably just came from the house too and there wasn't any fuss with him. He has a really nice body too!!! I was only pressed up against for it for like a second, but I could tell those were ripples of muscle underneath that flimsy white shirt. According to my pirate, she has to hide her local pirated DVDs because M a r v i n doesn't like that. This made me laugh.

So I give Pamy my phone and ask her to take a picture of us. Finally when I gather guts (really quickly) I tap him on the shoulder and ask for a picture in my non-stalker, perky fan voice. He's cool about it and says we'll do it outside (for obvious reasons) and he was really nice. I thanked him and said we watch "Babangon ako't dudurgin kita" (well I don't, but Pamy catches it when she can). I should have said that I love eating in Sumo Sam (which I do), but I guess I was just so flustered. He thanked me and hopped into his van and left.

And for some reason, even after he left, Pamy and I were still sort of in a daze!!! I couldn't concentrate on picking DVDs out because I was just soooooo starstruck. Imagine if I bumped into someone I actually liked, like Dingdong Dantes!

Lesson learned: where better clothes when going to your favorite pirate because you never know who you're going to bump into when you're there!
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