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March: Feels So Good (BC 111)

*Let me interrupt my regular LJ entries with some serious/shameless pimpage*

If you've been reading me complain about BC 111 and the grueling hours I poured into it, then I'm proud to say that we're finally done (with production and NOT the launch).

For our advanced radio production class, we had to create five different podcasts for our client, Figaro. At the beginning of the semester, we brainstormed on what exactly our podcasts would be about. The class decided on the different "Senses of Coffee." My group (me, Simon and Levi) were in charge of the hearing sense so we were tasked of making the jingle.

I don't write music and neither do my groupmates, but due to pressure, we were forced to cough up lyrics. The music though, we couldn't leave to chance. So I bugged my brother Pietro and my cousin, Miguel to create the melody. Finally after ten thousand revisions, here's the final product.


You can listen to all the other podcasts of my class at Stir Your Senses. If you live in Manila and are free on the 9th of April at 4pm, come to the launch of the podcasts at Figaro, Meralco Strip (in front of Medical City). It would mean a lot to me if you came. Also, if you want to win prizes, just answer the super easy questions about the podcasts and you could win stuff!

*Back to your regular LJ entries*

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