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Girl Crush: Popular Cast

Due to my non-summer, I've been doing a redux of 90s television shows and though I spent waaaay more time on Dawson's Creek, I find myself strangely enjoying short-lived WB teen dramedy, "Popular." Due to the show's satiric and self-aware nature, the characters on the show feature extremes and stereotypical behavior that once the viewer accepts as normal, is seriously entertaining. I have never felt so childish in my life as half the things these high schoolers encounter, I haven't even thought of and I'm in college. But nevertheless, I so wannabe Popular

6. Lily's conviction
I'm not exactly one to stand up for my opinions and that's why I wannabe Lily. She's just so passionate about her stands. When she stood up to Miss Glass in season 1 because she refused to disect her frog. She also started giving out condoms in school, and in season 2, she stayed in a tree so that it wouldn't get cut down.

Lily: You know I've decided I really hate that Mary Cherry. What is she doing in a feminist studies class anyways, she should be in fascist studies and her hair's too damn blond.
Oh and it doesn't hurt that she's really cute. Sure she thought she was a lesbian in an episode, she's still waaaay adorable in those ski caps she always wears. I thought she and Emory were really cute together at Sadie Hawkins too!

5. Mary Cherry's kookiness
Admittedly eccentric, Mary Cherry is the entertainment of this entire show. Though she comes off as idiotic at times, I can't help but laugh at her remarks because she's just too damn funny to resist. I love it how she always has EVERYTHING she needs in her bag, like a sledgehammer, a shovel and tuna in can (like when they were all stuck in the bathroom together).

Mary Cherry: It said, Mary Cherry, the best career suited for you is serial killer.
I also love how Mary Cherry never late anyone pity her (despite her sad sordid past). Even when she's hating people, she's hilarious. When I was younger I was annoyed at how she even got into the squad, but she's oh so entertaining, I can't imagine the show without her.

4. Carmen's determination
I like how Carmen doesn't give up easily. I'm not one to face rejection so I don't really put myself out there all the time. Carmen tried out for the Glamazons (in spite of the fact that she knew how Glamazons were based on appearance). Sure, she got annoying in the second season, but I still admire her guts.

Carmen: On the other hand, Josh may be tired of getting a hip bone with every hug and want a little cushion.
And hey, she got Josh for a bit! That must count for something. I guess I like that Carmen always tries to get what she wants and works really hard for it without giving up. Love the determination.

3. Nicole's wit and humor
In the Christmas episode, you see a glimpse of Nicole's terrible past and yet I love how she didn't make this an excuse to go all soft on us. As far as "villains" go, Nicole is awesome because despite her being hateable, she's so loveable!

Nicole: Your dial is set on tundra. You need to give off some heat.
Her lines are just killer all the time! Plus, she's very loyal to Brooke. Sure. she slept with Josh for revenge, but that was the only time she faltered. She always defends Brooke and makes sure that Brooke remains in power. But it all goes back to Nicole being funny and mean and being funny while being mean.

2. Sam's style
Yes, she dressed weirdly half the time and her hair was always in a state of disarray, but she had style. I know I have no personal style. Despite her style being dated to the 90s, she was always fearless in her choices of clothes. I loved what she wore when she crashed the party in the first episode and anytime she wears parka looking things and yet pulls them off.

Sam: You know what Brooke, cancel my subscription, I'm over your issues.
I also love her hair!!! I like how her brown hair doesn't look mousy at all. The episode where they go blond is hilarious though and the one where they get Mohawks is crazy, but Sam's hair is love. I prefer it shorter though, I couldn't find a picture though.

1. Brooke's Boys
Brooke is the Queen B of the school and she gets anything she wants. Though I'm more into Harrison, Josh does have his positive points and Brooke not only gets Josh but Harrison too. How lucky can this girl get?!

Brooke: Harrison, you want to go to the dance with me on Friday?
Though she has a tendency to abuse this power she has over boys like when she asked Harrison to break the combination so that Josh could enter Carmen's house during the slumber party or when she took Josh to the Sadie Hawkin's dance despite not really liking liking him, I still wish I had this power to hook any boy I want like the way Brooke does.
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