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Noooo Waaaay

So I'm not going to Baguio this weekend. I was so excited about going that I was already planning outfits in my mind (something I don't even do). I really thought I could use this break to refresh and recharge for the hellish week to come.

But thanks to the best subjects in the world (read sarcasm) and the unexpected changes (read more editing and production meets) that these two have, I can't go with my family to Baguio. I'm so pissed cause my dad already moved this trip so I could come along and now I can't even go.

Tools of Torture
BC 111: Podcast, Documentation, Launch
BC 122: Power Point, AVP (interview, encoding, editing), Live Coverage
In other news, I'm onto season 2 of "Popular" and though I was warned by eeliphant of its crassness, I was actually surprised to find myself enjoying this crazy ride. Popular isn't your average teen show for sure. It felt very self-aware, satiric and post modern. And if you get past the fact that this show is very very random, I think you'll end up enjoying it, as I have.

I'm still on the fence whether I'm on Team Brooke or Team Sam, but one thing's for sure, I'm in love with Harrison. I should get me some "Ugly Betty" cause Christopher Gorham is the cutest ever ever.
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