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You Can't Do That

You know what's NOT nice with still having requirements due AFTER the Holy Week? You don't get them done during the Holy Week, because you're too busy deluding yourself that you actually have a summer break!

I have to admit that I spent Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Black Saturday and Easter Sunday doing absolutely NOTHING connected to school. Despite the still long list of things to do, I actually didn't do anything, which is bad. Instead, I watched seasons 5 and 6 of Dawson's Creek.

* I have come to realize that Dawson's Creek has a tendency to be dragging. Not that I mind extended scenes of Audrey and Pacey (who I think BELONG TOGETHER), but seeing Dawson wax poetic about life with Joey for the hundredth time can make me gag sometimes.

* Jen had the most hair dos ever on that show. Not all of them were successful but at least she had some variation. I have to admit she looked pretty good in most of them. Too bad she died though. I wish they had killed Joey instead, but hey a girl can dream.

* Pacey's beard and hair combo did not work for me. I don't care if you're a hotshot whatever he was, but the hair and beard DOES NOT WORK. I was so happy when Joey shaved it off for him at Kmart when they got stuck.

* Dawson has the crappiest storylines ever. Who cares what happened in LA? Who cares that the Creek was named after him!? I don't care about Dawson unless he's with Joey.

* Speaking of the Creek, they barely showed it. Then again, they're all off to college so I guess they couldn't really show the creek much. I did miss the creek though. It was so pretty.

* Joey had the most love affairs EVA! And for someone who's perceived to be the good girl she broke A LOT of hearts in just TWO seasons. There was Pacey, Dawson, her English prof, Charlie (whom Jen date), the Eng classmate, and my personal favorite, Eddie Doling. Cold hearted bitch!

* Eddie Doling was played by Oliver Hudson (aka Kate Hudson's younger brother) and from the first time he came out on screen I was hooked. I found that my interest in Dawson's Creek was renewed. I would eagerly await for the opening credits to end so I could see if Guest starring Oliver Hudson was going to show.

The thing about Eddie was, he was built up to be this mash up of the best parts of Dawson and Pacey therefore the perfect man for little Joey Potter. But Joey had to be her ultra picky/annoying self and break his heart. Then blame him for leaving. Haller, you pushed him away?!?!

* What I hated most about the Eddie thing was that they built him up to be so nice and then totally destroyed him in ONE episode based on unfounded traits that were NEVER once established in previous episodes. All so that he would be clean and out of the way ready for the rekindling of the Joey-Pacey love affair.

To think that they had already disposed of him neatly (sending him away to California could have done it and it did in fact, do it), but they had to bring him back and make him a sex fiend (which he never was!). Please Kevin Williamson. Do NOT underestimate your audiences. We're made of better stuff than that.

* All in all, Dawson's Creek was a good watch, not all six seasons, but definitely most of it. No wonder it lasted that long. Now I'm off to watch Popular and I'm still looking for all four seasons of Felicity. If anyone sees it from a local pirate, please do tell me where and I'm there.

Tools of Torture
BC 111: Podcast, Documentation, Launch
BC 122: Power Point, AVP (interview, encoding, editing), Live Coverage
BC 123: Documentary (Production, Script), Drama Finals (Outline, Script)
Comm Res 125: Power Point Ad, Photoshop Tutorial, Photoshop Homework, Integration Finals
Because now, they're actually due and I have to start them. I have yet to submit our Comm Res 125 Integration and have yet to make that JPG on Khalil Gibran's quote, but Comm Res is the least of my worries. I'm currently doing my BC 123 drama script because my ever diligent partner, Anna already finished her part and it's great.

This only makes me feel terrible because she did her part, why haven't I coughed up mine? This is fabulous though, because our self-imposed deadline is tomorrow even if it's due on Friday. Having such a fab partner makes me do things I wouldn't normally do, which is the perfect motivation.

So while some friends are already tanning away on a beach or up in the mountains enjoying, I am still slaving away on school work and will be doing this throughout the summer. Thank goodness for momentary distractions like American Idol (tomorrow) and Gossip Girl (coming back with 5 brand new episodes on April 21!), because really, that's the only semblance of a break I'll be getting this summer sweltering months of April and May.

Oh and I look like a boy with my new haircut.
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