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St. Patrick's Day

Mr. March belongs to Patrick Dempsey. I guess watching Enchanted three times in a row (in ONE day) can do this to you. There's just something about Dr. McDreamy that gets me going. Ever since I saw him on Sweet Home Alabama, I knew there was something special with the jilted fiance actor that Reese didn't choose. No offense to Josh Lucas, but I was all for Andrew in that film. Then came Grey's Anatomy and Derek Shepherd and all his neurosurgeon hotness. Yes, the character can get a little annoying at times, but Patrick brought so much sex appeal, I actually considered becoming a doctor for a bit (sorry dad!).

Then there was Enchanted, where he played the good-father-slash-true-loves-kiss of Amy Adams. I just fell even harder. Yes, he's married in real life and he's got a kid and he's old enough to be an uncle (a hot one), but that never stopped me before. Happy St. Patrick's Day indeed.

Poll #1156090 Hot or Not?

Mr. March: Patrick -- Hot or Not?

Hot -- Give me more McDreamy!!!
Or -- Give me a pass?
Not -- Give me McSteamy instead!
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