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Bend and Not Break

So it's Holy Week and I don't feel quite as holy. That's cause there's still submissions to get to and deadlines to meet. Holy Monday was spent making the BC 185 paper that's due tomorrow. Lovely. I spent a good twelve hours on it, and my ass hurts from too much sitting.

I hope that our 111 podcast gets approved already so I can breathe easier at night and actually fall asleep in peace. I find myself worrying all the time if what my group did was good enough already.

Tools of Torture
BC 111: Podcast, Documentation, Launch
BC 124: Drama, Variety Show Finals
BC 122: Power Point, AVP (interview, encoding, editing), Live Coverage
BC 123: Documentary (Production, Script), Drama Finals (Outline, Script)
BC 185: Concept Paper Finals
Comm Res 125: Power Point Ad, Photoshop Tutorial, Integration Finals
Comm 141: Scientific Paper Poster
Why can't I just be Linsday Lohan and make my own leggings line? Seriously now? She's not even making a legit fashion line? Just the leggings? Or even Kermit the Frog? At least he gets to model for Supreme? Because apparently, I just found out that I have NO SUMMER BREAK at all. I have deadlines well into April and summer class/internship starts in April. So that really leaves no time for actual rest. And I thought my Holy Week was going to be free. Not quite.

Apparently I won our org's elections. I'm now a team director. whoa. this is new for someone who's not quite good with responsibility. I can barely handle academics as it is. but hey, let's give the org a shot.

It's funny because I don't even have time to think about you and yet I do. You didn't even have to ask for my anything, I was going to give you everything anyway. And yet, I know I deserve better.
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