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911, when can I get sick?

My throat hurts like crazy. If I swallow anything, I can feel it burning. Isn't this a sign of sickness? But see I can't get sick now. I have two presentations to finish for BC 122 before tomorrow morning. I have to drive Paola to school for her field trip. I have to re-edit our jingle again for BC 111.

Is there another week where I can get sick please? Not this week. Not when I get emails from professors outlining yet another set of mistakes I have to correct in a song that I eat, drink, breathe and hear in my ears 24/7. How about next week? It's Holy Week and technically there shouldn't be any class, but because of 111 and 185 and 123, I'll still be in school doing work. So I guess I shouldn't get sick next week either. It just won't fit the schedule.

Can my throat and head hurt next month? It'll be April. I should be able to get sick then. Oh wait, I'll be doing my radio internship, so no, I can't get sick next month either. I still haven't gotten my PI 100 class through CRS, so it looks like I'll be pre-rog-ing begging for that one.

I guess it doesn't help that I haven't slept since Thursday. I'm very very exhausted. Someone please check me into the Abercrombie Ward. Maybe their male nurses look the guys on the shopping bags. That would be a much deserved check-in. Maybe I should go get a Scatalogical Analysis, it might say something about why I'm feeling sick and tired of school.
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