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Patty Just Wants To Have Fun!

At 3:45pm today, I check my mail (for the nth time), and see a list of things to revise in our BC 111 production. Deadline: tonight. I was trying not to be fazed by the prospect. Except for the first time, I didn't have a copy of the file (which I usually do). So I rush to CMC (without a shower... gross) and beg Kuya Louie to allow me to copy the file. Inform the rest of my class who was in CMC and speedily drive to Pioneer to borrow Miguels' MacBook.

I have no problems with editing and revisions. I take criticism in stride knowing I can always improve myself. I take nothing personally. This is our third submission/third revision. I just hope that the insatiable thirst for correction will finally be quenched tomorrow. I strive for perfection, but there's only so much I can do. You will always find something wrong with anything if you look hard enough.

Tools of Torture
BC 111: Podcast, Documentation, Launch
BC 124: Drama, Variety Show Finals
BC 122: AVP (interview, encoding, editing), Power Point, Live Coverage
BC 123: Documentary (Production, Script), Drama Finals (Outline, Script)
BC 185: Concept Paper Finals
Comm Res 125: Power Point Ad, Photoshop Tutorial, Integration Finals
Comm 141: Scientific Paper Poster, Communication Materials
I know I keep saying that I'm tired and I'm exhausted. But I am. I look at friend's pictures and they look happy. People keep saying this is a taste of the real world, and that this is nothing compared to reality. But for some reason, I pray that this isn't how real life is, because if it is, then it's not fun. And yes, things aren't always fun. But I doubt it's always miserable too. Aren't I supposed to be having fun at this age? At this point, I just want to be happy.
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