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Turn that TV Off For a Minute

  • I haven't drank Starbucks for the longest time. But if I ever needed three reasons one reason I should be a Starbucks barista in Los Angeles, here it is. Three consecutive days of coffee breaks with Wentworth, Wentworth, and more Wentworth. Seriously. I don't know how the baristas even wake up to go to work the next day knowing they're going to meet him.

  • After editing our BC 123 documentary, Anna and I were oh so hungry. So we decided to drive in at McDonalds in Greenhills. By the time we drove out, we realized we were just right next to the drive in of Krispy Kreme. Oh the decisions we had to make. To burger or to donut? Choose no more. Doughnut Burgers are a happy compromise and a surefire way to kill you instantly. Hello Lipitor.

  • It's official. ANYONE can be a designer. All you got to be is popular and someone will offer to slap your name on a tag at the back of a shirt. I can't wait to see little sk8rgirls running around claiming to be anti-pop dressed in Abbey Dawn. Doesn't the name shout rock!?

  • So I'm a self-confessed techno-addict too. I'm either plugged to something or attached to a screen. TV, laptop, cellphone, iPod. I'm always facing a monitor. And I thought a Lenten fast from all things techie was difficult, this woman is unplugging for 52 days (not consecutively though). I'd probably just die.
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